With CodinGame, Learn To Code Becomes A Game

Did you personally love video games as a child? Do you still love them now? What is it about video games that make them so addictive? How often do you like to play video games or any game really?

Many people love video games; they play them as much as they can and are very clued up with all the latest game release and schedules. People read reviews and insights from other esteemed video game journalists and are usually immersed in the culture.

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Let’s talk video games first

We all know just how video games can be addictive and everybody just loves them. Remember, when you were a kid and you used to play all those fun games, like Super Mario and alike? Well, things have changed, but not that much. People still play Super Mario and love every single part of the game. However, games have evolved significantly and now people can literally be inside the game with the help of new technology gadgets.

Technology has come a long way and it is only a matter of time when something new comes along. This year that’s Xbox and some other wonderful devices which hold many games that are so popular and everyone wants to play them. Video games are good in many aspects of life. They help you to maintain a vivid imagination and so much more. We are surrounded with many different, yet very fine video games.

It is very interesting to see how people’s hunger for games has not stopped, but became larger than ever. The gaming industry is on its rise and it seems like there is no end. We have Play Stations, X-Boxes, wearable technology and a lot more these days….but there is a new game on the market, well not a game, but not far from it.

Introducing the New kid on the block – CodinGame

All this leads us to CodinGame, a company which found a way to make coding became a game.

This French startup is all about games, but not in a way you might think. They are not into gamification or game development, but they are into just plain and simple games. They managed to raise $1.6 million from Isai, to fund their brand new innovative platform for code learning. There is a simple logic to it as well, every time you solve an exercise you get a reward.

When talking about exercises, you may choose among 20 different programming languages such as Java, ruby, Python, Scala and more. They main targeted audience are people who have some knowledge and have the basics covered when it comes down to programming. They also have some pretty difficult challenges for expert developers. They teach you the basics of artificial intelligence, which is pretty awesome.

The CTO and a co-founder of this startup is Nicolas Antoniazzi, and he said that the platform supports 23 different programming languages, and the player can select the he wants. He also mentioned that the very last exercise is extremely hard. He also mentioned that when a player beats the final level then he may enter a battle against other players. You see, the game has no end.

When you sign up to their platform, you will be doing everything within your browser. It lets you code away and compile in the same window. That way you are given a chance to see everything that is going on in real time on your screen (well in your screen’s corner).

CodinGame has reportedly raised $500,000 using different sources within the Seed4Soft group. The company still competes with CodeFights and some other companies in the industry such as Code School and Treehouse.

The company found a way to be different and to give the players more out of the whole experience, and especially to give them a chance to learn even more and to play and have fun at the same time. Co-founder of CodinGame, Aude Barral, explained that mixing coding works and games is a great idea because both activates are in many ways similar to one another. She also added that coding in reality is a game and that this step was very logical and made absolute sense.

This is something brand new on the market and anyone who wishes to see if he is any good at coding can join. It is true that you have to have some knowledge about the basics, but other from that you are all set. Not to mention just how much fun you can have and most importantly how much you can learn.

CodinGame did an amazing job with their new venture and this is something definitely worth of exploring. So what’s stopping you from learning some new things? Have a look, do your homework well, and who knows, you might be the next coding kid on the block.

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