Why You Should Choose Reseller Server Hosting

Reseller server hosting refers to a type of web hosting in which the account holder can use his allotted hard disk space and bandwidth for hosting other sites on the behalf of third parties. So, in reseller server hosting, the reseller basically buys the services from the host and then sells these services to buyers for a certain profit. The reseller can rent dedicated servers from a web host or resell shared services. In the second type of reseller hosting, the account holder is only allowed to sell a certain portion of the disk space and bandwidth to its buyers without leasing a server from the web host they have signed up with.

Reseller Server Hosting

How does reseller server hosting work?

Reseller server hosting differs vastly from shared hosting plans because while the latter are meant for one owner and the business cannot resell these plans, reseller hosting plans are for an owner that wants to resell hosting plans. Therefore, there are unlimited control panels, one individual panel for every domain. So, when you require many SSL certificates and multiple IP addresses, you should choose reseller server hosting. To use reseller hosting, you do not need to have a great deal of technical expertise. The data center usually maintains the network infrastructure and the dedicated owner secure, configures and updates the server. The reseller may be accountable for interfacing with its own client base but all hardware or software or connectivity issues are forwarded to the reseller server provider.

Benefits of reseller server hosting:

  • When you own a large business which requires more room to grow and needs multiple sites, you should consider reseller packages because these will allow you to give only one monthly fee for many sites. There are many businesses which want to run various segments using different URLs and on different servers; for such businesses, reseller hosting is useful since they can allocate different spaces for all their business needs instead of buying more hosting packages.
  • Reseller hosting provides more features compared to standard hosting plans; you gain greater administrative control and can manage the website more effectively. Some companies give unlimited SSL certificates with reseller plans and access to cPanel which is only given to companies buying dedicated hosting plans.
  • Since you do not have to buy a server for your business, you can enjoy dedicated hosting features without worrying about server issues; these will be handled by an efficient IT staff which is well versed with troubleshooting such issues.
  • Costs of buying reseller hosting plans are far lower than buying dedicated hosting plans. So, when you must run many websites, it is always better to choose reseller hosting instead of investing in many hosting packages.

These advantages prove why reseller server hosting is a great option for many companies and you can determine which companies offer the best reseller plans by doing some research online beforehand. You should determine the kind of packages and size of plans that you need for offering to your clients; you should also figure out prices at which you will be selling these packages. Reseller hosting will help you support your business and make it grow from strength to strength.

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