Why You Need DRaaS

If your business has a website, data or applications that need protecting, you need DRaaS (or Disaster Recovery as a Service). These services can be provided for a small fortune and are definitely worth it to protect your data.

What Is DRaaS?

Disaster Recovery as a Service is basically a service based on the cloud that uses cloud resources to help shield your data and applications from serious harm or disruption that may have been caused by a disaster of some sort.

DRaaS enables your applications to keep running even if there is something that has caused system failure.two-people-working-in-data-center-864x486-16x9.jpg.rendition.intel.web.480.270

Why Do I Need DRaaS?

Just imagine it. Something happens to your servers and everything goes down. Your employees can no longer work and essentially you are just paying them for sitting around and doing nothing. Your productiveness drastically decreases, as does your competitiveness. You lose revenue. This is what could happen if you don’t have DRaaS.

Companies who are in a highly competitive field may realize they lose revenue and customers if they do not have Disaster Recovery as a Service.


Many places offer software which enables businesses and organizations to put DRaaS into place. Egenera have brilliant DRaaS software. This software can cover a large amount of data, is completely reliable and has a self-service style infrastructure which keeps control of the provisioning, monitoring, protecting and managing of DRaaS.

Disaster Recovery as a Service can be very useful to small-medium size businesses that do not have the expertise to monitor, test and design an efficient disaster recovery plan. Using DRaaS also means that your business or organization will not have to make an investment into an off-site disaster recovery place.


There are so many benefits of having Disaster Recovery as a Service. The first and most obvious advantage would be how fast the recovery is. You can never be completely sure about when something might happen. To minimize the effects of downtime, DRaaS is an immediate response and will get everything back up and running within minutes. Another advantage is that the service does not require many resources. It is virtual and requires hardly any hardware or software resources.

Flexibility is also a brilliant benefit of DRaaS. It provides you with many options about how you would like to manage different systems. There is a multitude of things DRaaS can help against, including human-caused disasters, server failure, power loss and more. Disaster Recovery as a Service is very reliable as a security method and your provider may also be able to provide you with reports about the DRaaS system.

One of the most important benefits is the professionalism of DRaaS. This means that experts will be in charge of your account if you do come across a disaster, meaning your data will be running and accessible in very short amounts of time. Again, depending on your provider you may be able to have services that keep you covered all day for every day of the year.

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