Why Joomla Hosting Is a Preferred CMS Platform for Websites

Joomla is an open source CMS application available to the consumers for web hosting. It is written in PHP using the MySQL database. The application needs to be installed on the client’s account similar to other CMS platforms. Trying to install it manually is not easy and is time consuming. There are possibilities of errors occurring. The best way to go in for Joomla hosting is by using the 1 click installer

Joomla - CMS

Joomla – CMS

that is pre-installed on the server. Most of the hosts do not charge for the installation. Along with the installation the host also provides Joomla related products like templates, plugins, guides and tutorial material, technical support for Joomla errors and issues. A god and reputed host also provide free transfer to a new host.

Important features related to Joomla hosting include providing of

• SSD Drives for faster speed and optimum uptime compared to the traditional HDDs. This ensures faster delivery of content from the source (blog or online store or customized app).
• Full money back refund policy
• Free data backup to protect from data loss. Some hosts charge for it
• Enhanced security with suPHP that restricts the access to PHP scripts
• Set up of Google Apps into the cPanel for easy integration using the GUI wizard
• Remote access with SSH for easier site administration
• Sophisticated and latest technology for faster accessibility to the website from different data centres.
• Customizable according to the website needs using the templates and extensions.

There are different types of Joomla hosting provided by different hosts.

Shared or Budget hosting: This is the most commonly used type of hosting. The client shares the server space and resources with numerous other websites. Since the resources are shared by the users, the costs involved also are divided among the users making it a very affordable type of hosting. It is ideal for a new Joomla user. Customers can migrate to other plans when the traffic to the site increases. Features of shared Joomla hosting include reliability, security, technical support and cost efficiency.

Business Hosting: Joomla business hosting is a better option than shared as it has lesser websites and comes with better security, technical support and resources. The site works faster and even the technical issues are given priority over shared platform. The cost is higher compared to the shared hosting.

Free/ cheap hosting: Though this type of hosting is the least expensive, there is no assured commitment of services. The customer has to be aware that nothing comes free. They may have to compromise on slow speed, technical support and other features.

Green hosting: Most of the hosting providers have many packages and plans of Green Joomla hosting. Though the features and services are similar to the standard hosting green hosting is a little higher. The servers here are powered in an environment friendly way avoiding power and purchasing renewable energy or carbon offsets. Indirectly the customer too is contributing to the preserve environment endeavors. The main features of green hosting are environment friendly servers with stable and reliable uptime and robust security and round the clock technical support.

VPS/ dedicated server hosting: The websites having high traffic movement and those with many products and those developing their business rapidly look for VPS and dedicated Joomla hosting. Dedicated server costs more than the VPS server but in both cases, the client gets complete control over the server and the resources.

Joomla hosting has come up with an innovative type of hosing called Joomla as a service. The hosting company is totally responsible for the maintaining and managing of Joomla. The customer has nothing to do except for improving their business. The servers are fast and reliable. The technical support is excellent with the services of Joomla experts and professionals. The prices are cost effective looking at the features being provided.

Joomla hosting India plans come at an affordable cost and the features they offer are considerable. The advantages of using the Joomla platform is that client need not be technically competent as it is one of the better and reliable CMS available to construct and maintain a website. The CMS allows the client to use multiple languages in the website which is an added advantage for websites looking at the Indian market.

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