Why Dedicated Server Hosting is Preferred for Web Hosting

There are valid reasons why large enterprises prefer dedicated servers for web hosting providers. These dedicated servers are mostly located on the facility premises itself or at a specialized facility developed as a repository for dedicated server installation, maintenance and administration. Even though there is a significant amount of cost involved in developing and maintaining dedicated servers hosting, the viability, security and control that these systems offer are not found in any of other web hosting providers.

In most cases dedicated server or in-house systems for web hosting service triumphs over Virtually Private Servers (VPS) or Cloud Server due to their ability to provide unilateral control to the enterprise. Since the enterprise itself has total control over the system management and security, issues faced by VPS or cloud servers are virtually nullified.

Why Dedicated Server Hosting is Preferred for Web Hosting

Discussed below are some of the main areas that large enterprises consider for procuring dedicated servers for their business.

Unilateral Control

Large enterprises either outsource the database management work or employ specialized resources to work on the database/network administration and security controls. The specialized team or the outsourced team mostly works within the premises of the enterprise and act according to the objectives of the enterprise. They work effectively to manage the enterprises data administration and web hosting service objectives. This facility is totally obsolete in cases of VPS and cloud servers. Both these options are managed virtually by the web hosting providers, making the data administration policy of the enterprise redundant.

Greater Control over Security

Due to the unilateral control that the enterprise exercises over dedicated servers, the security policies are totally controlled by the host organization. In order to meet their requirements, they might tweak the system and accessibility as they deem necessary. In case of other web hosting solutions, security control is unilaterally in the hands of the hosting service provider. There will always be a risk of unwarranted access into the email service from outside the institution. Since there are no dedicated servers within the premises, the security measures favored by the host enterprise cannot be managed.

Increased Scalability

Again, due to the unilateral control over the dedicated servers, enterprises can easily manage the scalability of the web hosting service. The amount of space dedicated for each account or mailbox can be controlled by the enterprise. The time taken for execution of any changes will hence be much faster than that of VPS or cloud servers.


Archiving basically means storage for past data for easy access in near future. In most cases, enterprises would have to procure extra dedicated servers for archiving past mails and documents. When there are confidential and sensitive documents involved on various intranet and internet portals, it is mandatory that the server system used must be secure and the connection used enable safety of the information. Dedicated server hosting promises greater control and responsibility for maintenance of information.

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