How do Web Hosting Providers Affect SEO?

Without the hosting solutions from a good web host, it may not be possible to showcase your products and services to a global audience. This explains why you will need to look for reliable and popular web hosting providers when you want to increase your online business. There is no denying the fact that web hosting services will affect your SEO rankings; choosing a quality and reliable provider will ensure that your site is able to reach out to your target audience better. SEO refers to sets of rules which ensure that your site stays visible to search engines. Factors like availability or uptime, speed and performance, security etc will affect your SEO rankings.


Factors which can affect your site’s SEO rankings:

  • To begin with, your site speed is one of the most important criteria for getting high SEO rankings. If your web pages take too long to load, chances are that your viewers and prospective customers will leave the site. Faster loading web pages will ensure a better user experience. To ensure that your website loads faster you will need a reliable web host which can offer you ample computing resources, a great infrastructure, superior equipments and excellent support.
  • When you are using a free web hosting plan, you can experience frequent downtimes because bandwidth or disk space or memory is limited. So, it makes sense to switch to a more reliable hosting package. Free hosting from a provider is not the best solution when you wish to sell your products online; it is always better to switch to paid dedicated hosting services that will guarantee your site is up and running 24×7. Without this high uptime guarantee, you cannot expect to enjoy high rankings in search engines like Google.
  • Another important factor that your web hosting provider is responsible for and which will invariably affect your search engine rankings is website accessibility and availability. Search engines like Google will not direct its users to sites which are not available. Web hosts have to ensure that a site remains accessible at all times; without this, you are likely to lose many customers. When your site faces downtime very often, you should get in touch with your host. This explains why you must carefully review your Service Level Agreement to be sure of the compensations you are entitled to if the host fails to live up to its promises.
  • You must ensure that your web host offers stringent security provisions; if the chances of virus attacks, spyware and hackers are high, your site rankings will automatically suffer.
  • When you are planning to change hosts, it is imperative that you check the location of their data centers. Ideally when your target audience in a specific country, the web host and its infrastructure should be situated there; this will ensure that rankings are not affected. When you are changing to a new hosting provider within the same country, there should not be any problem of site rankings but you may have to verify other factors.
  • When you are changing hosts, your rankings can get affected. This explains why you must check your host’s server quality and ways in which they handle their servers. If your web host has many servers on one server, there will be congestion and your site may slow down because of overuse of resources by some clients. You should also consider loading speed of web pages when you migrate to a new hosting provider.
  • Hosting plans you choose for your business may also affect your SEO rankings especially when you have downgraded them for some reason. When you have shared hosting plans and you choose to upgrade to VPS hosting or dedicated hosting, your site rankings are likely to increase.
  • Another significant factor which your web host is responsible for and which may affect your site’s rankings is the kind of websites it is hosting. If there are too many “illegal” or “garbage” websites, your site may get blacklisted. While this may not easy to identify, you can do some research beforehand to see whether your web host is reliable or not. You can check online reviews about their performance and read through client testimonials.

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The factors mentioned above may affect your site’s SEO rankings either individually or collectively. You should ideally look into all these factors to be sure that your host can guarantee you high SEO rankings. You must therefore do some background check before you start out; you can use a monitoring service and ensure that the host offers guaranteed uptime. The host you choose should also provide round-the-clock technical assistance through chats, phone calls and emails. This will ensure that all technical problems are resolved without delays. This is absolutely imperative when you want your site rankings to go up and your business to record bigger sales.

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