VPS Server Hosting: Does the Location of Your Server Matter?

When you are going in for a VPS server hosting solution for supporting the growing needs of your business, there would be several aspects to ponder upon. You will seek the most comprehensive customer support and the most effective services. However, factoring in the physical location of the server would also be important while making a decision. Although this might come as a surprise to you, the location of the server does have a bearing on the nature of services you are likely to be able to enjoy.

VPS Server Hosting: Does the Location of Your Server Matter?

Begin by Looking for the Best and the Most Renowned Service Provider

Whenever you choose VPS, make sure you have sourced it from a provider who offers technical support round the clock. If your website sells products in India and you are a resident of India as well, the location of the server should ideally be within India or at most in the neighboring countries. Remember, checking on the physical presence and accessibility of the tech support team would be important. You may actually have to reach out to them through a phone call sometimes. And the closer they are to you, the easier it would be to get in touch.

Take an instance where your customer support team is in the US. Owing to the time differences, it would be extremely difficult getting in touch with them. You might sometimes take a whole week to get the timing right for speaking to the right guy! However, things may be a wee bit easier if your VPS server hosting company provides 24 hour customer support.

It could Matter for SEO too

The location of the VPS might affect the SEO strategies you are having in place for two reasons. You should know that Google now considers page speed as one of the criterion for search engine rankings. So, if your website aims towards buyers from metro cities in India and your server is placed in some remote location where the internet is not speedy enough, your page speed could be impacted and in-turn, your rankings may be hampered.

Therefore, factors like how reliable the server is and how robust the internet connection speed is, are factors to be kept in mind. Another important factor is, the geo locator on the search engine could actually trace your website in the wrong destination. This in turn could affect your online presence and positioning. However, you can always indicate the name of your primary target country on the Google webmaster tools.

Climate and Cost of VPS Server Hosting

Geographic locations have an impact based on climate Microsoft, Facebook and Google servers have been shifted to Siberia and Sweden, creating dedicated server firms for them, because the cost of maintenance is low here. Servers remain cool and comfortable without much effort, due to the extremely cold climate. Lower temperatures mean low electricity bills.

So, whenever you choose a VPS server hosting solution and the speed, customer support and internet connection are all identical, consider the geographic location of the server as an important determiner before choosing.


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