VPS Server Hosting is Affordable, Reliable and Scalable

Virtual private server (VPS) is a new form of hosting that is fast becoming popular with small and mid-sized organizations. VPS hosting makes use of a virtual server that mimics a dedicated server environment but is actually installed on a physical server that is shared by many other users. In other words multiple virtual servers run within a physical server, and each account holder is provided with his own set of dedicated resources like memory, bandwidth, CPU, RAM, etc. Virtual private server hosting standing somewhere between shared hosting and dedicated hosting seeks to incorporate the best features of both these types of hosting solutions. It combines the affordability of shared hosting with the security and control of dedicated hosting.

Virtual private server hosting has become extremely popular in recent years. However, a large number of businesses still tend to get confused with what it actually is, and how this hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting can keep their website going without putting too much strain on their pocket. This lack of information about real capabilities of Virtual private server hosting can be deemed unfortunate as moving to VPS hosting from shared hosting is one of the best decisions that businesses can make to drive their sales and enhance their online reputation.

Virtual dedicated hosting allows you to get a better hang of dedicated hosting before you finally move on to much more expensive dedicated hosting to allow your website perform at its optimum level despite dense online traffic. The best thing about virtual private server hosting is that you are given a completely isolated environment. This way your website remains completely oblivious to activities of other websites present on the same physical server.

In the following paragraphs we shall look at some of the important features and benefits of virtual private server hosting, and how it can assist you with your online sales and brand management without going too heavy on your pocket.

VPS hosting is affordable
One of the most important features of VPS server hosting is multi-tenancy, which in this instance basically means that only one software design is established on the real machine. A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine that resides on a physical server and owes its existence to the virtual partition of that physical server. The presence of multiple websites on the same server causes the cost to be distributed among multiple account holders. This way the implementation cost of service provider is reduced to a considerable extent. The benefit of money thus saved is passed on to the end users who can enjoy this superior form of hosting at affordable prices.

Easy scalability
This is another major advantage of VPS hosting. Depending upon your needs, VPS hosting can be scaled down as well as up. You can ask and get any additional resources that you may need to handle unexpected or sudden rise in network traffic. Likewise you can give up these resources when the traffic to your website has subsided thereby preventing wastage of precious resources. The best thing about such an arrangement is that a capable service provider can give you the desired resources without any restoration time. This is in contrast to dedicated hosting which has a forced restoration time for CPU/RAM/Drive update.

Better disaster recovery
Data and information generated in the form of word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, multimedia content, e-mails, etc, in the normal course of business operation is lifeline of any organization and are imperative to their survival. Without all these important data and information they have no business, and such should understand well the value of a robust and dependable system to cope up with the ever growing amount of corporate information.

Any unfortunate incident or calamity that leads to data loss can quickly bring a business down on its knees. This is another are where VPS hosting proves its worth as it offers a better disaster recovery option as compared to other forms of hosting solutions. VPS can be supported and started in some other modes if some information gets lost. This facilitates a VPS reboot time much quicker in comparison to dedicated hosting.

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