Various Benefits of Bunched Copper Wire

Copper being a good conductor of electricity is used in many applications at homes and also for commercial purposes like constructions sites, buildings and various industries. The other metal that is better conductivity than copper is the silver but due to its high costs it cannot be used in our daily works.  Copper works out to very feasible because of its affordability.  Like most of the copper wires and copper alloys bunched copper wire too is widely used in all major electrical applications.  The wire as the name suggests is a bunch of smaller wires.

Bunched Copper Wire

Features of bunched copper wire:


  • This type of wires is highly efficient and durable having long service life.
  • It is customization. It can be shaped into any form as per the specific requirements of a customer and is very strong yet flexible.
  • It has more flexibility than the bare copper wire and has high tolerance and does not lose its shape easily. It   is vastly applied in many applications as a connection and functions like a rope/ loop to tie knots wherever the wire needs to be bent and formed into different shapes.
  • They can be on a wooden or ion rod depending on where it is being used. It does not lose its electromagnetic properties while saving space and resources.

Copper wire and its alloys are vastly used in industries like:

  • Aerospace: In radars, transmission wires, cockpit channels and microphones.  Bunched copper wire is used vastly in making of cockpit circuit machinery, radio transmission devices etc.
  • Defence: Weapons including guns and grenades are made from copper wires. Bullets are fired using the recoiling capabilities of high quality bare copper wire.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Health care items mainly in surgeries and more popular as a contraceptive tool for women as protection against pregnancy.
  • TelecommunicationsCopper wires are used to build the radar systems and extensive communication lines. Due to its thinness, copper wires have helped in keeping the circuits smaller in size thereby increasing efficiency and reduced the chances of short-circuits.
  • Biometrics: Copper wires and sensors are crucial in the biometric unit. It helps in the attendance management systems, personnel identification, monitoring units.
  • Marine industries: Copper wire in its braided form is extensively used in deep sea operations like waterlogged pumps, submerged generators and submarines.

Bunched copper wire is seen being used in space shuttles and marine operations and are exclusively manufactured to get the best and accurate results with zero tolerance.

Copper wires are configurable and are being designed and installed in major telecommunication networks. The manufacturers are required to be extra careful to ensure that the purity level is not affected as it could create a problem in giving accurate results causing disruption of signals. Bunched copper wires are highly safe in this matter as they have impurity level of less than 0.003 percent. Only copper has this feature as other elements and compounds are considered to be impure. The alloying of copper wires improves both physical and chemical properties of the structure.

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