Uses of Magento Customization

Magento is becoming the best known platform for offering ecommerce services. Open source Magento is one best place to start the business online. Being simple and easy to use is one feature that is making Magento more and more popular day by day. Every techno savvy will clearly know the need for customization in the open source software when being used for commercial purposes. Magento customization has become a need for the young entrepreneurs in order to make efficient and interesting ecommerce websites. Also most of the basic software is free to use from the open sources makes it economical for the new age businessmen.

Flexible and Scalable :

Flexibility and scalability make this ecommerce platform unique. Making these unique features more unique through is a necessity because Magento is being used by many ecommerce ventures. There is definitely a chance for similarities among sites if proper theme customization is not carried out. Also, customization adds one’s own flavor to the website highlighting the taste and attracting more customers with its added styles. This customization can be classified for our convenience into 5 types. The design customization, module customization, themes, extensions or plugins and store features. Let us give a brief look at each of these customizations.

Custom Layout / Theme :


Design corresponds to the layout of the website. The customization process starts with this basic layout customization where, we have the facility to change almost everything in the default theme provided. We can chose from the color schemes, banners, position of images, data and buttons and everything else. We can make enough changes in the design to give a feel that our site is in complete contrast with the provided defaults. The defaults only give us an idea and background in order not to miss anything while making changes. Magento customization technique offers as many possibilities as we can expect.

Module Customization:

Customization can also be done at the module level. Modules are the pieces of code or snippets of code that form our website. They are the code base for the complete project. If we are enough good at simple coding, we can definitely add and remove code snippets from the provided webpage. If we are very desperate to change logics in our code and website, it is good to experiment with Magento because we can always revert back the changes if anything goes out of place. The customization can be good when taken up with the help of the professional Magento developers at NexSoftSys who excels in coding.

Custom Extension / Plugin :

New business strategies allow one’s business to cherish in the competitive world. Adding a new strategy to the provided business idea forms one important part of customization. Extensions to the existing features of ecommerce platform are another important aspect making Magento popular and providing chances for better usage.

The customization is not a necessity but it is the very good way of making our website unique and standard.

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