Turn the Volume Up on Your Marketing with Live Chat

Live chat integration is a widely under-used tool in the digital marketing kit, and its potential should be embraced. Used well, it can play to the strengths of a business while providing great benefits for consumers. It also means you’re likely to be ahead of your competition.

Room for Improvement

Conducting business online is undoubtedly a huge and growing trend and is already renowned for moving at a somewhat confusing pace. It’s easier than ever for consumers to log on to computers, laptops and even mobile devices to buy products and services with just a few clicks. While this speed and accessibility bring potential for exciting growth, there is the drawback of losing the personal touch with regards to customer service. The tangible shopping experience is underlined by interaction between consumer and retailer. If the shopper has a question, it can be answered almost instantly, and a rapport can be built to solidify a positive relationship and to bolster the beginnings of brand loyalty.klash-creative-digital-marketing-solutions

E-commerce content management systems are increasingly a part of the online customer service process because they allow for plug-ins that enable shoppers to contact retailers directly via email, but the reassurance of an instant reply isn’t there. This is where live chat integration has started carving itself an important position in the foundations of any powerful digital marketing solution.

Get Talking with your Customers

Live chat is quite simply a fast and easy way to connect with customers. It is the most convenient way for them to speak to you without the delay of waiting for an email reply. The immediate help goes a long way to building confidence in the shopper, and by and large the wait times will be less than with a call centre. What’s more, the cost of live chat integration is significantly less than the cost of investing in a call centre.

The big draw for businesses will be that the inclusion of a live chat on a website drives sales up. Consumers who are confused by the online shopping experience can access immediate help and guidance and a ‘maybe’ becomes a ‘definitely’. Once you have established a relationship with a shopper, you are in a strong position to offer additional purchases that suit their needs.

A Tool for Better Planning

Live chat can also be used to build a stronger marketing strategy for the future. By taking care of customers as they navigate the shopping experience, the feedback can be used to better understand any regular sore spots or areas of improvement. Training staff to proactively tackle problems ‘in situ’ with consumers is an important part of streamlining the feedback process. If your team is working on the same level of service, your data will be on a more level playing field. The right team and the right software can be all you need to start using live chat integration to take your digital marketing solution strategy to another level.

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