Top Tactics for Building Links Naturally

In any conversation revolving around SEO, link building always takes center-stage because of its proven efficacy in driving page rankings to the top. Even Google with its ever-changing search algorithms likes sites that have lots of backlinks from websites that are reputed for being authoritative on industry issues. Not surprisingly, as much as 37% of businesses that have a very strong presence online have been found spending anything between $10,000 and $50,000 per month just on acquiring good quality links. But building links has been progressively getting more difficult with Google unleashing the Penguin and Panda updates to its search algorithms to crack down heavily on low-quality and spam links, as well as other links intended to manipulate the Google page rankings.

While generating links naturally has gotten more difficult, there are still a few extremely viable ways that should be explored. Google places the utmost importance on popularity and trust; both strong indicators of the quality and relevance of the content of the sites. When the online community regards your site as being trustworthy and authoritative it creates a good user-experience that is conducive to the generation of natural links, which in turn can only boost the website ranking on the results page. Here are a few tactics that can be used to build quality links naturally:build-links

Understand the Needs and Aspirations of Your Target Audience

Link-building in the contemporary perspective has gone far beyond obtaining backlinks from any online source. To acquire links naturally you need to provide users content that is targeted to their likes and needs. Google tends to reward sites that provide value to their visitors and users only derive value from a website if the content is what they were looking for when they were conducting the search. Basically, you climb up the SERP ladder if your website satisfies the intent of the user. It is thus of vital importance to identify the requirement of the audience so that you can aim to fulfill it as best as you can. Identifying audience requirements can be pretty tricky. It may be worth the while to engage a competent Utah SEO services company in advising you.

High Focus on Content

Now that the intent of the audience has been identified, you need to go all out to deliver content that is as focused and streamlined as possible. The content is more likely to fulfill the intent of the user if it is rich in data and factually supported as then it will become a valuable information source that can be cited by users or linked with to support their views on a subject. Typical instances of these are resource guides, educational articles, curated lists, infographics, reference materials, surveys, etc. You can ask an online marketing company for more suggestions.

Another way of finding greater engagement with audiences is by having content that is appealing to their sentiments like articles with a focus on entertainment, humor, charity events, cause-related promotions, scholarships, awards, and felicitations, etc. Most fundamentally, contents that provide solutions to user needs such as converters, widgets, calculators, apps, etc. are more conducive to the generation of back-links. It is also important to organize your content well so that users can easily find content that is pertinent to their queries.

Diversify the Back-Links

Web administrators should make every effort to acquire links that do not point only to the homepage. It is far better for Google to discover plenty of links pointing to specific content that has been found useful by other sites. You should also ensure that your external links are also balanced well with a good-quality structure of the internal links. It is a good policy to encourage backlinks from a variety of top-level domains, so apart from .com; you should actively seek out links from .org, .edu, .gov, etc. extensions.

Make Social Media an Integral Part of Your Link-Building Strategy

Content promotion is ideally suited to social media as by leveraging it you can reach out to a really wide audience; generate greater engagement as well as natural links. When attempting to build links through social media, you should concentrate on delivering content that appeals to the users of the specific network being targeted; this is very important as all the social media platforms have widely differing user profiles. As in other promotions, focus on giving content that delivers value to the users with posts that are rich in data, images, and infographics. Videos are also becoming an increasingly popular choice for sharing content that leads to high natural link generation.

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