Top Benefits Of Video conferencing For Your Business


Picture this: Your appraisal is set for today. Your boss is not in town to do the appraisal. At the same time, you have some vendor meetings lined up for your project requirements. The vendor meetings are in your Mumbai office while your appraisal is going to be conducted by your boss who is in the Chennai office. Your boss has gone there for another meeting, which involves all the marketing personnel. You are reporting to the area manager who does marketing for your company’s projects. He is going to appraise you. In such circumstances when you have to attend to your appraisal and at the same time attend vendor meetings, you can always resort to videoconferencing tools. Your vendors can be instructed not to come to your office and they can conduct a video call with you from their offices, while your boss can conduct a video call with you for your appraisal. You can take a preform appraisal form and send a scanned copy to him via email. He will fill it up while simultaneously interviewing you through a video call. Similarly, your vendors can receive your project specifications via email and show you their samples via a video call. For equipment whose samples you need to see physically, your vendors can send them to you via courier and their samples can be checked. All this is an application of videoconferencing.

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Benefits of Videoconferencing

In the above paragraph, the application of videoconferencing is made clear. The subsequent lines will give the benefits of this ubiquitous mode of communication. The following are the benefits of polycom video conferencing security equipment.

  • Reduced travel costs: The phenomenon of videoconferencing makes it possible for a person to be in several places at once. Although, personal interface will remain the best method of conducting meetings, conducting videoconferences when the people involved in the meeting are continents apart is not new thanks to the availability of video conferencing equipment.
  • Increased productivity among customers and teams: In today’s world, when businesses have offices scattered across the country, or even across the globe, videoconferencing can be resorted to in order to hold meetings. In such a scenario, the participants are likely to be coordinated with what is being discussed. This will result in projects completing faster and project/product life cycles reducing. It will also result in improved productivity among the staff.
  • Improves communication and reinforces relationships: During a videoconference the participants can see each other’s facial expressions and view each other’s body language. This improves the communication among them. A CEO can reinforce his relationship with his staff by holding a companywide videoconference briefing of all the staff working for his company. In such a scenario, the employees will feel closer to the home office. This will bring them together. This is only possible with polycom video conferencing solutions.
  • Competitive advantage: Users of videoconferencing solutions are likely to see their product come to the market sooner than their competition. This is because product life cycles become shorter thanks to the use of videoconferencing. This in turn gives the company a competitive advantage over its closest rivals.

Thus, the benefits of videoconferencing are clear in the above lines. The applications of videoconferencing are also clear in the first paragraph.


Thus, the importance of videoconferencing equipment is apparent from the above lines. It will not be wrong if said that the above product is a boon for businesses today. Of course, not many businesses can afford the expensive equipment involved in a videoconferencing arrangement. However, those businesses who can recover the costs of the use of such equipment from their operations should make use of the same to give their businesses the competitive edge. It is true that such businesses can be counted on the fingers. All the same, technology is here to be used for human benefit and if there is scope to use technology for gaining an advantage over rivals then it should be employed. It will not be wrong if it is said that businesses having a turnover above a certain threshold should opt for techno savvy equipment so that they can improve their cutting edge and defeat their closest rivals. Videoconferencing equipment will go a long way in helping businesses do this.

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