Top 7 Coolest Virtual Reality Gadgets you Must Have

Over the last two decades, VR has undergone numerous advancements. Every developer approaches this technology with a new and better perspective. These improvements will make virtual reality a main part of your everyday life. There are some virtual reality gadgets that will always stand out from the rest. Therefore, it is important to know the top 7 coolest virtual reality gadgets you must have.

Top 7 Coolest Virtual Reality Gadgets

Oculus Rift

Oculus have an influential Rift headset and has remained synonymous with the VR boom of this decade. They are among the well-known names in VR. Also, they are among the first to be available on the consumer market. Although the delivery might be delayed for several months, the final product is worth the wait. It comes with a headset, a remote, USB and HDMI cables, and a motion sensor. Additionally, the First Gen kits come with Lucky’s Tale copy and an Xbox One controller. The experience that comes with using the Rift cannot be described.

HTC Vive

This virtual reality gadget cannot miss on the list of coolest virtual reality gadgets. The gaming experience delivered by the Vive is beyond words. Unlike the Rift, you stand to enjoy some great gaming capabilities with the Vive thanks to the motion controllers. The controllers have IR LED trackers as well as a great control scheme including two track pads, trigger gaming, a control stick and a grip that is in a position to detect squeezes. For Fuse Crunch latest tech news, bookmark the Fuse Crunch website.

Samsung Gear VR

It provides immersive and affordable virtual reality experience using a smartphone. It makes use of hardware that is used by the latest Samsung phones. Smartphones tend to be far more ubiquitous compared to quality gaming PCs. However, the two have their individual limitations. With PCS, the different hardware power levels mean that you will need to make use of a benchmark utility to achieve 75 fps. With mobile VR, it has managed to keep things simple. The gear virtual reality experience is only limited to the latest Samsung models. Presently, the Gear VR only supports the Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung S7, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5.

The PlayStation VR

You will expect the PlayStation VR from Sony to make it to this list. Formerly known as Project Morpheus, this virtual reality gadget has made its name in VR gaming. It makes use of the PlayStation 4 hardware to deliver graphical power. It has an OLED 5.7’ double screen display that is stereoscopic 3D. It is a stylish and comfortable headset that features excellent ergonomics coupled with simple setups. These allow for the positioning of the lenses and visor. Additionally, it has an excellent blue LED setup that adds a great functionality through head-tracking. Although it has a 3D audio software, headphones are not included outside the box.

The Avegant Glyph

The remarkable Avegant Glyph is packed with many things to make you go for it. One of its major intriguing features is its full portability. In addition to being comfortable, slightly than normal headphones and light, it has a Founder Edition model that is in a position to play videos for around 4 hours on battery power, or indefinitely play passive audio. Additionally, it can charge through MicroUSB. Its electronic components are internal and connect to devices by a simple plugging into an HDMI. This makes it possible to plug the Glyph into console or PC for gaming and tablet or phone for content streaming.

  1. Zeiss VR One

This offers a mobile-based HMD alternative to competing with the Gear VR from Samsung. Its features are a little lighter compared to Gear VR’s. However, it has a remarkable price tag that can influence high sales. It has created an easy mobile VR accessibility to any Smartphone user with enough power to run this software. This is possible because of tray system use to fit a wide range of smartphones into the gadget. It works well with Galaxy S5, iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6. Additionally, you have the option to 3D print for yourself for other types of smartphones with screen sizes ranging from 4.7 to 5.2’.

Razer OSVR

This is the only VR gadget that has successfully approached VR with an open perspective. It is unique in its undertakings compared to many other VR gadgets. Presently, there are no tangible plans about the production of Razer models for the consumer market. However, this can be a possibility. It makes use of modular software that is easily customizable. Also, it is in a position to make use of any game platform and any controller. This makes it an adaptable tool if you are looking to come up with new applications.


This wearable tech digest will help decide the perfect VR gadget that can work for you. All are affordable making them must have. Virtual reality gadgets have proved to be great assets when it comes to education, medicine, and engineering.

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