Top 5 Shared Hosting Sites You Need To Know About

Shared web hosting refers to a physical server and the server’s given resources that are shared between many users. On these shared hosting platforms every customer has his personal limit on particular services like monthly traffic, email accounts, FTP accounts, disk space, databases etc. But, the resources of performance on a server are all shared. The CPU, RAM, single MYSQL servicer, single mail server and the single Apache server are shared. If you are looking forward to economically hosting a website and if you don’t have numerous web pages, shared hosting sites might come very handy.  There are various free web hosting sites, and most of them also offer free shared hosting. However, it can be quite overwhelming to exactly find out the right shared web hosting service provider as the results come in hundreds when you look it up online and that is exactly why we have put here a list of top 5 free shared hosting providers.

 Top 5 free shared hosting providers you should know about:

  1. Freehosting EU: It offers great free web hosting services. It provides shared hosting as well and is the web servers are in Germany. It has no ads as well. The features that this site provides are 200 MB of free space, 4000 MB bandwidth monthly, MySQL 5 database, PHP4, PHP 5, POP3/AMTP and also webmail access, you also get FTP access, Joomla hosting support and online file manager.
  2. It is among those rare green free hosting services. It provides you with eco-friendly web hosting, as it runs on renewable green energy sources of wind power. Its host plan includes 1000 MB storage; 5GB transfer monthly, CGI scripts, MySQL5 database, support PHP5 and WordPress. It does not impose any ads either.
  3. 100 WebSpace: this free shared web hosting site offers 100 MB we space, 3 GB data transfer montly, frontpage extensions FTP support, free scripts installer, CGI-BIN, SSI, 3POP3 or webmail accounts.
  4. ByetHost: It offers shared servers based free hosting. Its plan includes: 1000 MB disk space, monthly bandwidth of 50 GB, PHP 5.3, 5 sub domains and add-on domains and 3 MySQL databases. Other than that you also get POP3 or webmail accounts and automatic scripts installer.
  5. Awardspace: It provides free sub-domain and domain hosting without any ads. Its free plan includes 250 MB disk storage, 5GB traffic monthly, Pop3 OR Imap e-mail account and email filter, PHP, Cgi, FTP and MySQL. It also has easy control panel. It is rightly suited in this top 5 free shared web hosting sites list.

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