Tips to Choose the Best VPS Hosting India Services

In VPS hosting, there is a single physical server that is partitioned to create many virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers can run its own operating system and software and applications to suit its interests. In other words, with VPS hosting, users can enjoy root access to the server and are free to customize and adjust its settings to their advantage. VPS hosting India providers therefore provide an ideal middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Businesses can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server without spending a fortune on it. So, VPS hosting is a combination of dedicated and shared hosting; it is reliable and flexible like dedicated hosting plans and comparable with shared hosting since there are many co-users residing on the same physical server. You will come across many VPS hosting India providers but when choosing the best one for your business, you can make use of some useful criteria.

vps-server-imagesTips to get the best VPS hosting India services:

When you want to hire the best VPS server India, you must first consider whether your business needs Linux or Windows environment. While Linux is cheaper compared to Windows VPS plans simply because Linux is an open source platform and there are no licensing charges, Windows is user friendly and backed by excellent technical support. Notwithstanding your comfort levels, you will need to choose the Windows-based VPS hosting plans when your website runs ASP or ASP.NET applications.

Secondly, you must decide whether you wish to opt for managed VPS hosting or unmanaged VPS hosting plans for your business. When you choose unmanaged VPS hosting, the entire responsibility of looking after the server, monitoring and maintaining it rests with you. However, in managed VPS hosting, which is understandably costlier, the task of server management and monitoring is completely taken care of by your VPS hosting India provider. So, managed VPS hosting is a safe option for companies which lack the technical expertise to handle server related issues. In case of security breaches or server crashes, the provider will ensure that all glitches are resolved without any delay and your site will not slow down.

Even when you choose managed VPS hosting India plans, you must check to see to what degree of server management you are entitled to get because the managed VPS plans differ from one vendor to another.

You should also ensure that in case of power outage, there are redundant power supplies and generators so that the site does not slow down. The backup arrangements must be effective enough to protect against server overloads and crashes. Moreover, when choosing a VPS hosting India provider, you have to ensure that the plans offered by it are scalable; in other words, there should be redundant resources available if there are unprecedented increases in server loads. Both these factors must be looked into because they together guarantee consistent performance backed by higher network uptime.

As with any kind of purchase, VPS hosting plans should be compared based on the prices before you choose any one. The prices are found to vary from one provider to another because of the nature of hosting environments. VPS hosting India prices will fluctuate depending on multiple factors like degree of customizability, services levels, different hardware specifications etc.

You must also find out the amount of RAM you will be given, the size of server space you will be allotted, the quality of hardware etc when choosing VPS plans. The hardware should ideally be of a superior brand and must have high capacity so that it can handle heavy traffic loads. A minimum of 1GB RAM with 20GB storage is desirable when you choose VPS hosting plans. However, your hosting needs will entirely depend on the space requirements and traffic. You should also find out if there are any data transfer restrictions and what options you can avail of in case those restrictions are exceeded.

When choosing a VPS hosting India provider, you must also inquire about the kind of backup protocols they have, the number of IP addresses that are included in the package and what the extra costs are if you need more IP addresses.

Last but not the least, it is very important to find out about the levels of technical support you can expect from the provider. Ideally, the provider should extend 24×7 supports through live chats, phone calls and emails. It is therefore advisable to test the customer service support before signing up with any provider.

Using these tips, it should not be hard to identify a reliable and reputed VPS hosting India service for your business. It is recommended that you opt for a provider that can offer a free trial version that allows you to test their services for a month free of cost.

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