Three Common Content Marketing Errors

Content marketing is taking centre stage in more and more business’ marketing strategies, meaning that it is becoming increasingly important to take note of the common mistakes that are being made in order to avoid them.

Avoiding Setting Goals

Goals are important no matter what kind of business you run, as they set clear and concrete aims for each employee that the team can work towards every week or every month.

Avoiding setting goals for your brand will only have a negative impact on your achievements, as how can you attempt to grow, sell more products or services, or increase your profit if you have not set a goal that you can work towards?


If you have not already set your goals, you should start today. Here is how you should set these goals:

  • Identify what aspects are more important to your company (whether it’s brand awareness, increasing traffic to your website, or increasing your online sales).
  • Once you have identified your goals, make sure that they are quantifiable and measurable.
  • Now you can set your target. This may be that you want to increase traffic to your website by 10%, for example, and plan how you are going to try to reach that target (through blog posts, for example).
  • Implement the relevant steps in order to fulfil the goals.

Posting to your Blog Once a Week

The truth is, that companies who publish content on a regular basis undoubtedly see the biggest returns when it comes to web traffic and lead generation, in comparison to those who only post once or twice a week.

It is understandable that you may not have the time to publish content every single day, however, if you can post every second day, you will see a difference within the first month.

What’s more, it’s important to keep up with publishing content regularly in order to be consistent, keep your readers and customers coming back to read more, and in order for returning readers and customers to experience something new every times they choose to visit your website, as it becomes an expectation.

Not Utilising SEO in the Right Manner

Filling your content with more keywords than necessary makes it obvious that you are only using the content to rank in search engine results, and copy that is filled with keywords is more than likely to put readers off instead of interest them and want them to read to the very last word.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using your keywords a few times, it’s actually advised, however, there is a limit and using it too much will only impact your negatively.

Concentrate on creating quality content and naturally fitting in your keywords where appropriate, this structural change will make your content read well and rank in search engine results, as more people will read it and search engines will be able to find it with ease.

Additionally, it is important that you do adequate research to find the keywords that suit not only your brand, but your content strategy, too, and use them throughout your content consistently.

Paying attention to these three very common content marketing errors, in an attempt to avoid making them yourself, will help both you and your brand grow and make an impact on both the web and social media platforms.

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