This is how SEO was started!

Just for a minute, imagine.

Imagine a world without search engines. Imagine a world where to find information about something, you’d have to look up the yellow pages, or dial a few numbers, if what you’re looking for is obscure, you’d then have to locate that particular in library journals and visit one, go through the entire catalogue then find the book then go through it.

Today you can do that with just a few keystrokes!

This is the power of search engines. Internet has taken us by storm; it has changed the very foundation of how we interact with other people and information around us. It has brought the world closer into one big community and has changed the pace of life as it once was. And search engines have a huge role in it.

Back when it started, search engines were developed that would crawl through the pages of different websites and gather key information and compile it into an index which would then be used for procuring results. As the number of websites rose, so did the need to stay ahead in competition. Websites now needed to be made search engine friendly. The friendlier, the better.


This was the birthplace of SEO.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing your website for search engines so that it ranks higher in their search results. SEO has evolved a fair bit from this simple definition and now encompasses a broader range of things.

The evolution of SEO

SEO is primarily divided between two kinds of people – those who want to play by the rules and stay within the guidelines laid by Google, and those who want to break them. To prevent the latter from turning things into a mayhem and prevent spam, search engines have to react by changing their algorithms constantly. Another reason for this is improving in the user experience. Search engine giants like Google place huge value over customer satisfaction and want business to create valuable content and earn brand signals like ‘links’ and ‘social sharing’.

The state of SEO today

Today, a lot has changed in the ways of SEO if we look back and compare. Google has emerged as the biggest search engine and the most powerful influencer. To stay in good books of Google, one must have the following elements in their SEO strategy, recommend professional SEOs in Lebanon.

  1. A website that is based on the ethics of providing its users with value be it in form of information, content, products or services.
  2. A website that provides a seamless and transparent user experience.
  3. Content that is people specific; it must serve value to a group of people who have shared goals, weaknesses or challenges. Relevancy is highly important.
  4. Appropriate use of different Social Media channels such as Facebook to help improve customers experience and make them happy.
  5. Good work on the on-page activities to rank higher in SERP.

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