The Reason behind the Popularity of Cloud Hosting In India

The term cloud hosting refers to the idea of making use of remote servers in a networked manner in order to manage, store, access, handle, process and manipulate the data rather than just using a personal computer or a local server for the same purpose. The internet helps in establishing the connection to this remote server.

Cloud hosting in India has gained a lot of popularity and can be basically divided into two sections:

– The back end computing section
– The front end computing section

These two sections are connected to each other by means of a network path. The network path in this case is the internet. The back end computing section is the cloud and it is the front end which the user gets to see. Thus on the front end is the computer of the client and it has applications in order to access the cloud, whilst the back end has a back end. The back end consists of the servers and the data storage devices. These host the specific data and applications. The process of system administering and traffic monitoring is controlled by means of a central server which is governed by certain set rules which are called protocols. Security based parameters also play a vital role in governing the same.

There can be two types of business models-purely consumer based business model and a pure business model. The impact of cloud hosting in India depend on the two models as well. In case of businesses, models like platform as a service (Paas), software as a service (Seas) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) come in.

Cloud hosing in India comes in several types as well:

– Public cloud hosting
– Private cloud hosting
– Hybrid cloud hosting

Public Cloud Hosting

Public cloud hosting is yet another example for cloud hosting and it is quite relevant to the business owners. Public cloud hosting refers to the hosting of websites on virtual servers and these draw resources from a common server. This source is also used for other virtual servers which are available publicly. To ensure that the data is kept absolutely private and secure, some safety measures are adopted in public servers.

Private Cloud Hosting

Private hosting is a kind of hosting that is meant for secured and confidential data. Private cloud hosting helps you in managing confidential data and helps in protecting it against any contraventions. This is one reason that businesses are moving to private cloud hosting. It is executed within the firewall of an enterprise and helps in fulfilling the compliance and safety requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid cloud offers a mix of both the public cloud and the private cloud and has a balance of both.

Cloud hosting in India is gaining immense popularity in India and this is because of the following reasons:

Reason behind the Growing Popularity of Cloud Hosting In India

– By making use of cloud hosting services, the companies end to save on the physical infrastructure like the hardware and servers, which in turn depreciates the assets.

– There is a significant advantage of the cost achieved when organizations use cloud hosting in India. This is because the resources become more like a utility like the electricity which is payable per month.

– Companies use cloud hosting India also because of the fact that there is significant reduction in manpower and the skilled personnel needed for managing the IT infrastructure are reduced.

– Further, the services and the data can be accessed from all across the world. This helps in establishing common platforms even when the operations are spread the world over.

– One can easily scale up or down the operations depending upon the requirement of the business.

– The systems are centralized, so it becomes much easier to install software updates, monitor the performance and to perform other important functions.

Cloud hosting in India has thus become one of the most preferred choices of the consumers, as it allows businesses of any type and scale to run smoothly, without being held back by the need or shackles of any IT related obstacles. Further some, of the best companies in the world have taken to cloud computing and are reaping the benefits of the same.

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