The differences between a game designer and game developer In Malaysia

Gaming industry is not something new in the world including in Malaysia itself. This industry is widely spread to promote loads of creative products that can be sold in the market and gain popularity among the fans. In the industry there are some important people who make a game from an art and concept to reality. In this blog entry, we will see the differences between a game designer and game developer.

game developer Malaysia

As we could see many people easily confused with the game designer and game developer title. Most of them even think it is in the same prospect. However, these two jobs have different meanings when it comes to gaming industry. Furthermore, if you have an interest to pursue a career in gaming industry you should have a better understanding about the differences between these two careers.

Game Designer

In Malaysia, the responsibilities of being a game designer are similar to the one in other countries. Game designers focus on creativity, flow of the game and others. They must put themselves as gamer in order to fulfill the gamer’s demand of the game. A game designer is responsible when it comes to decision making on the overall design, purpose and concept of a game. This is known as a per-production of the production cycle in crafting a great game. A game designer usually design game mechanics or helping with artwork for the game. They must also brainstorm about the concept, story line, cut scene, develop characters and others. Some designers are require to design map concept, gaming system and more that compelling to the game. They should have an ability to visualize the final product of the game.

Game developer

As for the game developers, they are responsible in putting the vision of the game designers into reality by turning it into a real product. They are the ones who responsible in building up the game. Usually, game developers will take the character sketches and concept art and turn it into computer graphics. Game developers also did the same thing to the concept map design and turn it into playable terrains. These developers will turn the sketches into a playable character with motion and action or creating the environment and settings of the game based by the game designer’s ideas.

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