The Best Features of Corporate Hosting Services

Businesses aim for growth beyond the geographical boundaries and across the world. There are many challenges here and requires an organization to ensure smooth communication lines and distribution of data across several locations. This has been made possible by the wide corporate network in the form of data centres. The data centre acts as a central platform for storage and retrieval of data information and application. There are many companies providing corporate hosting services. They provide a stable, fast and reliable hosting service that helps the client establish, run and do unhampered business to ensure smooth and enhanced performance. This in turn leads to their having an edge of their competition. The services include

  • Domain names: Websites need a simple and easy domain name for the customer to remember. The clients that want to build their website and join in the online business race needs to look for a corporate hosting services provider that includes free domain names in their plans. Domain names are crucial for every business and one has to purchase the domain name from a reputed domain name registrar. The ideal domain name is one that describes the type of business that one intends to start.
  • Hosting plan: The servers in the data centres are securely managed that again ensures issueless functioning. The host constantly strives to provide improved services keeping pace with the latest technologies available. They assure of 24 x 7 x 365 days support and come up with affordable plans to help their clients achieve their goals. The corporate hosting services provider gives the option of shared or dedicated server plans in addition to the reseller packages. The client depending on their requirements can choose a plan suitable to their website.
  • Shared hosting:  In shared hosting many websites are housed in a single physical server and the allocated resources available with that server are shared among the users. It is the most economical of plans and a very popular web hosting program. Startups and small businesses will find shared hosting ideal to launch their website. It is also ideal for businesses that have low traffic movement and budget limitations.
  • Reseller hosting: The website owner while buying the corporate hosting services with either dedicated, shared or VPS plans can also join in the reseller programs that the host offers. They can make a decent income with the reseller plans. Here the client can create a number of websites under their own business names and sell the plans as if they were the owners of the hosting services. The new customer does not know who the real owner is. The host provides the reseller plans at very affordable prices to the client who in turn hikes it up and sells the plans making a great profit.
  • Dedicated hosting: It is hosting plan where a customer gets the entire server for their website.  It is not best suited for large corporations that have huge traffic movement or to a customer that has several websites to handle. It is not feasible for startups and SMBs as it may work out to be an expensive investment for them.

The corporate hosting services also include:

  • SSD hosting: There are times when the website’s performance slows down during sudden flow of traffic or heavy load activities. In normal cases, websites host on hard disk drives (HDD) but they are susceptible to large traffic movements.  To counter such issues that hamper visibility of the website, SSD hosting has been introduces as part of corporate hosting services. SSD expands to solid state drives. They are much more powerful, faster and larger than HDD and deliver faster access time, enhanced website performance and greater data throughput.
  • Linux hosting:  It is the most commonly used hosting option for the startups and small businesses. It is not expensive and is an open source platform. It is widely accepted for scripting languages and databases like Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL etc. The hosting plans are flexible and compatible to most of the new online technologies. The client can be assured of an effective and efficient website with increased traffic with faster loading time.
  • Windows hosting: Windows hosting is an ideal form of corporate hosting services where the client is constructing their website using programming like .NET, asp, or and uses the SQL database management. Here the customer gets the plush Plesk and access to the FrontPage to design and upload their website.
  • Java hosting: Java hosting is the most commonly used platform for building a website. Java applications are used to install and configure any java apps without any issues and offers the most advanced technologies like XML, JSP and many more. The advantages with this type of corporate hosting services include it’s easy to use features. The Java hosting is flexible and can be enhanced with apps needed for a growing website database. It is also the best option for a content based website and comes with very robust security features. Educational institutions, banking and financial institutions and big organizations prefer java hosting platform.

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