Sothink DVD Ripper-Watch Your DVDs Everywhere

Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite DVD movies on your iPhone 6? I suppose lots of you do have. The question is how anyone can watch a DVD movie on an iPhone, unless he buys the digital copy of the DVD movie from iTunes? This is true until we have a DVD ripper software which can convert DVDs into the iPhone compatible videos. And there is no sweat to find one from the internet. So, after a little bit digging, the recommendation I come up with is the Sothink DVD Ripper.

Here below, I will show you what this DVD ripper software is capable of, by fully displaying its features.

First of all, let’s see what Sothink DVD Ripper can deal with. According to the description from its website and my own test, it is good to learn that it has the ability to decrypt all the commercial DVD movies I’ve got, without any 3rd party decrypter. And it allows customers not only to deal with the DVD discs, but also the DVD image files and DVD folders as well, which is to say, if you have stored on your computer HDDs quite a lot of DVD image files or folders copied by some other DVD copy tool, now you can still add them as the source to convert for your portable and mobile devices, like iPhone, iPod and iPad. This is definitely a positive factor.sothink_dvd_ripper

Secondly, let’s see what video formats this DVD ripper software can convert DVDs into. As you will see, there is a so called profile library where the software publisher lists all the supported devices and video formats, clearly sorted and organized into correct categories. From what I have seen, it support almost all the main stream video formats, such as MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, H.264, AVI, FLV, etc, and devices made by the major manufacturers out there, like Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, HTC, and Microsoft, etc. This means that you can literally convert your DVDs into any format if you want.

Thirdly, if you just want crack a piece of song out of one DVD, and then put it into your iPod. This is absolutely your best choice. And to do that, you just need to select one of the audio formats, or directly choose the iPod model in the Apple devices column from the above mentioned profile library. After the conversion is done, just sync the audio file to your iPod and you are all set.

Fourthly, Sothink DVD Ripper has another triumph card. It lets users to select a certain clip from a DVD to convert, which can be realized by setting up a start chapter and end chapter to convert at main interface, or by splitting the chapters while conversion is in process at the conversion settings panel.

Fifthly, Sothink DVD Ripper allows customers to personally do quite a lot of custom settings, such as video bit rate, video resolution, video aspect ratio, video cropping, audio bit rate, audio channel and volume etc.


Sothink DVD Ripper is powerful when converting DVDs for portable and mobile devices is concerned, to me more accurate, it is an expert on that job. So, if you are currently looking for such a DVD ripper software, it is definitely your best choice out there.

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