SEO is Based on these Concepts

At times it is required to communicate huge ideas for common consumption in another form of language and imagery.  Try and visualize your website as a dot and let each keyword be its own orbiting sphere of concentric influence. Now create a series of eventful transaction like building links, creating content over time, having a supportive format for internal linking and ultimately this would help in categorizing and raising your website. To produce a ranking via competitive keyword, a move has to be made from the outermost bounds of the keywords sphere of influence, into its center to achieve the top ranking result.

You can get guaranteed search engine optimization services to perk up the quantity and quality of traffic coming to a website from search engines by the means of natural search results for targeted keywords. The rate of traffic received depends on the websites visibility over the search engine result pages. Higher the visibility better will be the rate of traffic and vice versa.

The best SEO Company in Chandigarh has these various stages on which they work. It involves research, planning, execution, testing, refinement, collaboration and strategy. Here is a brief description to these:

  • Research: To attract the search engine crawlers, you need to do an extensive research on the targeted keywords so as to develop gravity in the website. The kind of research you do on the keywords will decide the future of the website and therefore, it should be done carefully and effectively.


  • Planning: Once the semantic base is found, topical fields of information i.e. multiple keyword-rich pages shall be created within the site with the application of content management system or by supporting site architecture. If the search engine is not able to retrieve data of your website then the website is automatically excluded from participating with the other forms of life in digital space.


  • Execution: Linking shall be build either through internal linking or through external linking from other sites. The other sites shall have similar signatures containing the topical relevance shared by your own site.


  • Testing: For the testing result, a search engine shall be used to determine how close the site has reached to the center of the keywords.
  • Refinement: If a website is not able to make the grade or have lower ranking then it is always better to (1) wait for all of the factors to settle down and then re-examine the keyword saturation (2) improve and build more content and shore up your main subject or subjects or (3) look for other websites with power that can enhance the reputation of your site online (in the nebulous data cloud known as the web).


  • Collaboration: An understanding is required in order to move a website closer to the center of a series of keywords. Each time a page or a link is added, it changes the internal topical relevance of sites and orbit or signature. It also changes how the other sites and keywords within the web react to it and that is based on search engine algorithm.


  • Strategy: The strategy followed is simple and it is like the major number keywords shall be targeted in order to get direct or indirect traffic to your website.


Summary: The above mentioned concepts are the base of search engine optimization. A proper understanding of these would lead to dynamic results and create positive reports. This would definitely help to increase the traffic to a website.

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