Scalable Cloud Storage Unleashes Power of Data Accessibility on the Go

Cloud technology has become an all-encompassing entity of modern business domain. Thanks to established cloud services, now business of all sizes and all categories are able to derive benefits of cloud based IT solutions in one or other way.

Cloud backed storage services- an overview

Cloud storage is the most sought after use of cloud technology. Amazing popularity of cloud solutions is due to number of benefits offered by this novel method of data storage.

The foremost advantage of cloud backed storage solution is its cost effectiveness. Users can save huge capital and operational expenses of building and maintaining on-premise storage infrastructure.

Moreover, the utility-based payment model of cloud services facilitates optimization of expenses, as users are required to pay only for the resources they have utilized. Businesses can avoid paying unnecessarily for the resources they have not used or those they are never going to require.

Business executives and other staff can access data stored on cloud instantly. With help of cloud-based storage solutions and Internet ready handheld gadgets you need not store or carry volumes of data with you. Your data is always present in the cloud and ready to be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

Reliable data storage by using cloud storage technology is made possible with help of multiple servers that are networked together but are situated in different geographical locations. This reduces the scope for single point failure. Even if one of the servers in a network suffers due to some malfunction, your data would still be safe on the rest of servers.

In addition to this, the level of security measures adopted at data centers that are operated by cloud storage providers would not be feasible even for moderately sized organizations.

This calls for the best cloud storage services that are supported by world-class data center facilities. These Tier III data centers are backed by multi-layered security, including stringent access control systems, firewall protection, cutting edge monitoring tools, and so forth.

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Significant characteristics of cloud based storage

It is always advisable to exercise additional precautions to prevent data infringement even if you are using cloud storage services. Many users of cloud based storage services are skeptical about storing highly sensitive data on cloud. Such data can be stored on cloud by using encrypting facilities. Some of the leading providers of cloud storage services offer such facilities to users.

Maintaining backup files of your data is an effective and simple method that has been used conventionally. Cloud technology has also come up with cloud backup solutions for this purpose.

Cloud storage platform, offering cloud based data management must be fast and stable with outstanding ability of archiving, managing, and disseminating the unstructured data without any hassles. Clients are offered total control of data retrieval. Data transfer and cloning should be made possible with presence of data centers in different geographical locations and cloud CDN services.

Following features of cloud vendors should be assessed:

• Search and indexing attributes

• Internal networks to connect global storage cluster

• Assured accessibility

• Proven ability of dissemination with CDN services

Internal networking can reduce bottlenecks during data transfer and also improve overall flexibility and scalability of performance. Fast and reliable scaling capabilities are must for managing large-scale data storage.

Customizability of storage solutions is an important aspect of reputed service providers. It can enhance performance and dependability of storage platform. Dividing key components can lead to mitigation of single point failure. It also reduces and distributes load for better availability. This calls for efficient load balancing tools for appropriate apportioning of resources.

Reputed vendors of cloud services ensure reliable redundancy of basic utilities including cooling and power at data center facilities. Usually N+1 redundant facilities are able to deliver optimum redundancy.

In terms of specifications of cloud storage platform, reputable vendors of cloud services use HP SAN infrastructure backed by 15000 RPM SAS Drives in RAID 10 configuration. For enhanced security, every cloud storage unit is totally isolated from others.

Storage of data is one of the most critical aspects of running any business. Data security and accessibility due to increased reliance on digital technology calls for more efficient and safe storage solutions. It is essential to maintain data integrity by efficiently handling replication of data.

Cloud storage solutions are appreciated for elasticity and scalability. It is right time for small and medium sized enterprises to embrace this state of the art technology by getting associated with right cloud service provider. More advanced cloud technologies such as data tiering and deduplication are propelling use of cloud hosting services in multiple business categories.

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