Reasons to Hire a Data Center Solutions India Provider

A data center solutions India provider will provide you with a data center which works like a centralized repository for storing, managing and distributing data pertaining to specific businesses. The data center will provide you with necessary bandwidth, the infrastructure, cooling systems, power supply, security provisions etc to ensure that data is stored securely and it can disseminated seamlessly. Today, staying online 24×7 is crucial for businesses to sustain themselves and get new clients. Without a reliable data center solutions India provider, you can never be sure of resolving downtime issues. Colocation hosting will ensure that you can access higher bandwidth when traffic spikes occur.

Data Center India ProvidersWhat benefits will you gain by choosing a data center solutions India provider?

  • If you can choose a reliable data center solutions India provider, you can maximize your business potential; you will be able to focus your attention on developing important business areas instead of having to worry about buying and maintaining costly hardware for data storage. Colocation hosting providers specialize in data center solutions and you can be certain of round-the-clock assistance when there are technical glitches.
  • Data center solutions India will provide a win-win scenario for most businesses because they offer state-of-the-art equipments and a capable IT team. In-house server rooms may be backed by backup generators and maybe stored securely in climate-controlled environments; but, with data center hosting, you can certain that power supplies will never be disturbed because these are equipped with power generators. Data centers will also have proper cooling mechanisms with UPS supports.
  • Data center solutions India providers will also guarantee that businesses remain connected globally and securely. Many companies with on-site servers may not enjoy access to a resilient web connection and they lack dedicated personnel to ensure that the site is always up and running even when traffic increases. With colocation, you can enjoy a very high bandwidth at far lower rates. The data center provider typically offers redundant solutions which are financially viable; they have connections with multiple transit providers and own large bandwidth pipes.
  • Data centers are naturally more secure than storing your servers in-house; this is because they have the means to implement far stringent security measures. They are monitored with surveillance devices 24×7, physically manned at all times and there are proper security measures to prevent any unauthorized break-ins.
  • Moreover, data center solutions India providers have the time and inclination to invest in researching green technologies. Businesses can therefore significantly reduce their carbon footprints and benefit from energy-saving research.

What to consider when choosing a data center solutions India provider:

When you are planning to switch to colocation hosting in India, there are some important factors to consider before taking a final decision:

  • To begin with, the data center provider in India should not be located at too great a distance from the company staff so that the IT teams are unable to reach the site when manual repairs become necessary. This is also a concern because transport costs can escalate a lot if data center facilities are located very far away from the client enterprises.
  • The data center facility should also not be in a region that is highly prone to natural calamities like earthquakes and floods. When you find many provider in a particular location, you can be sure that the area is conducive for such facilities to operate and less prone to accidents and natural disasters.
  • When choosing a data center provider in India, it is important to find out about their uptime guarantee. You can get an idea about this by closely examining their Service Level Agreements which highlights the compensations that they will pay up for failure to meet the uptime guarantee.
  • Different data center providers offer different degrees of flexibility in their solutions to clients. You need to hire a provider which can come up with innovative and appropriate, customized solutions apart from the basic standard offerings.
  • You should also inquire about the provider’s capacity to arrange for additional power, space and bandwidth should the client enterprise need these resources.
    Besides reviewing their SLAs, it may also be a good idea to check for staff certifications and online reviews about their services. Reading through client feedbacks may also throw light on its efficiency.
  • The provider you choose should be able to ensure deployment efficiency. This is especially true when you need additional rack space later; you will prefer a provider that can get a new set installed and deployed without delay.

Finally, you must choose a data center solutions India provider which has a strong financial reputation; you will not be keen to invest your money on a provider that is likely to close down its business within 5 years. Reading through financial reports about the company may help you understand whether it is financially stable or not.

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