Reasons to Choose Quality Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

The dedicated server is what most online shopping sites require because of the huge volumes of web traffic they are expected to handle. When you buy shared hosting plans, you will be allocated resources like server space, bandwidth and memory in restricted amounts because there are many users sharing a server in this type of hosting. This may not work out to your advantage when you have a graphic-intensive site or if your site gets a lot of Internet traffic. In such situations, choosing a dedicated server is the most cost-effective and reliable solution. In dedicated hosting, a server and its resources are rented exclusively by a single client. Therefore, this client or account owner has access to all the resources that the server has to offer; the user can thus experience unlimited bandwidth and server space. The user also has the freedom to tweak the server settings to suit his business goals. This explains why a dedicated server may be costly but it gives more reliability, scalability, security and guarantees better site performance because of a high network uptime.

Best-dedicated-serversWhat is dedicated server management?

Dedicated servers can be managed either by the web hosting service provider or by your own IT teams. The services may range from totally managed hosting services to completely unmanaged hosting services.

When you choose fully managed dedicated hosting plans, you will not have to be bothered about the management or security of the server. The provider takes care of the necessary upgrades and updates and also ensures that all server-related issues are resolved without any delay. You can save a lot of money on training your IT staff.

In the fully-unmanaged services, you have the complete responsibility of looking after the maintenance of the server, necessary upgrades and security measures. These plans are the cheapest because the provider is not responsible for handling or running the server. This is a cost-effective option for companies which have capable IT teams to manage and monitor the servers.

In self-managed dedicated hosting, the provider takes care of the basic management services like the basic maintenance facilities and basic monitoring. Clients can set up their own versions of the operating system, databases and security mechanisms. They will not be entitled to support from the host and will have to rely on their IT teams.

In managed dedicated server hosting, the provider takes care of a higher level of monitoring and maintenance. There is increased server management and the provider also offers updates.

So, when choosing dedicated server hosting for your business, it is very important to choose your plans carefully, depending on your own expertise and business requirements. It may be a good idea to evaluate your business needs first before selecting a certain type of dedicated server.

Benefits of choosing a dedicated server for your business:

  • When you choose a dedicated server, you can enjoy enhanced security for your data and applications. As an account owner, you will have complete root access to the server and its resources; this ensures better security for the data because the provider will offer stringent security provisions like firewalls and anti-virus software to prevent security breaches.
  • In dedicated hosting, you can be assured of a better network uptime because all resources are leased out by you. Most providers will guarantee a 99.9% uptime which ensures that your site down not face any downtime. This is especially critical for shopping websites which engage in financial transactions online. If these sites are found to be slowing down, it will lead to huge losses in sales.
  • Dedicated hosting is beneficial for all websites which are growing. As a site grows, it needs more resources which are difficult to get when you have signed up with a shared hosting provider. However, dedicated hosting plans give a lot of scalability and it is easy to acquire additional disk space or higher bandwidth without having to migrate to a new provider.
  • A dedicated server not only offers you more control over the resources and the server, it also provides a high degree of flexibility. You can customize the server settings to cater to your business needs and you can also install scripts and applications that are likely to be profitable for your business.

These are only some of the reasons why a dedicated server is a popular choice amongst many businesses. These features have made dedicated hosting more reliable and stable; this is particularly important for all businesses seeking greater performance such as websites which sell products online or sites which contain and display videos and audio files. Dedicated hosting is therefore likely to be costlier compared to shared plans or VPS hosting, but the features and advantages far outweigh the costs. You should compare the prices of different hosting packages before choosing a dedicated server. It is recommended that you select a provider with a solid reputation and preferably one which offers a free trial period.

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