Popularity of Drupal Hosting as a CMS

Having good content and videos to attract visitors and make them stay on the site for long periods is the sign of a healthy website. But building such a website is a difficult proposition for many. Among all the CMS available, many have found Drupal hosting to be ideal form to build and maintain an attractive website. Drupal is a free and open source structure using the PHP format of programming language. It is used as a backend system for all types of platforms that could range from a simple blogger’s site to a large corporate website.



Why use Drupal?

The site has to be navigable and the text and videos need to be presented in an interesting way to get visitors and make them browse the site. In case they do not find it easy they would just drift away to a competitor and that is not a good sign for any business. With Drupal hosting there are many benefits. Firstly it helps in putting all the content in blocks and groups them in various sub categories subject wise. Customized keywords and tags can be added to link and connect the content in different ways and keep the content organized. Visitors to the website can easily find the content they require with the easy to use menu system. The website owner will also find it more convenient with the neatly organized content. Secondly, Drupal hosting helps in search engine optimization (SEO). With the easy to navigate structure and logical menu tools, the website can achieve a good ranking in the search engines.

Reliability and scalability: A well organized content helps in easy navigation and with Drupal hosting CMS it remains so even when new content is added as the business expands. The customer can keep adding pages or delete unwanted content ensuring scalability and reliability without the website getting disorganized. It also can be customized in any format that suits the client’s business. By using the Drupal modules the client can bring in new features and functions like the CAPTHA system to verify user’s authenticity.

Security to the content: Another important requirement of any website is its security to the content and videos. An improving website keeps adding new pages with new content and products regularly. Even a minor lapse can be fatal for the business so a secured site is a must. There are times that a website owner has to depend on third parties to contribute and add pages. It is necessary to give such third parties access to the website’s control panel. With Drupal hosting, the customer can create a new login for the third party and customize to restrict the availability of tools to the user and alerts the owner as and when the new user adds and amends content to the site. Drupal hosting also provides backups to the content to a remote server or on the client’s system’s hard drive. There are many Drupal modules available to automate the backup process.

Advantages of using services of a Drupal CMS provider:

There are many Drupal hosting India companies that provide excellent CMS solutions for website hosting. All the hosting plans come with the 1 click install features that make it easier to setup a website. A few advantages with services of a provider include

 CMS software support
 free domain name
 latest versions of PHP, Apache and MySQL database
 unlimited data transfer to ensure uninterrupted running of the Drupal website
 1 click install
 choice of server locations by some providers
 support by well experienced professionals
 website logs and statistics
 unlimited email addresses
 Round the clock support.

Drupal hosting services are also quite affordable and the service provider also caters to the various web hosting types like shared, VPS, dedicated server hosting. The providers also make the Drupal website more feasible with plans that include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited database. These features give the user easy to use tools to build their website easily. The customer also gets 24 x 7 x 365 customer support and most of the providers also offer a trial period with money back guarantee. There are many providers around that offer cheap services but Drupal customers while selecting a web hosting provider should consider the one who ensures quality and reliability.

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