Popular Myths about Web Hosting That You Should Be Aware Of

Web hosting is believed to work like a magic wand that can alter the fate of any website. Such expectations lead to a lot of myths revolving around the image and working style of the web hosting service. Many web hosts lose their clientele because of poor reviews or low quality customer service; sometimes fewer plan options also make them the villain of the show. All these pre-conceived factors may take away you chance of landing upon a fair practice web host. So, here are some myths that you need to know before you make any decision regarding the selection of the web host best suited to you.

dubai-website-hosting-companies-in-dubai-uae-yellow-pagesMyth #1: Free Hosting is Correct Way of Making Site Available

There are plenty of free hosting services available. But, beware before signing up for any one of them! These may not be providing you enough disk space costing you more as penalty for overuse of resources. Also, you may find yourself totally on your own in the unknown territory of web hosting. There are umpteen problems lurking on the other side of buying a web hosting subscriptions and these may remain unresolved if you do not intend to pay a penny to the web host; they might be busy serving the clients who took big ticket upgraded plans. So, a website made available in a few bucks paid situation is better than the one rotting in trash with no takers.

Myth #2: Domain registrar would prove to be the perfect host

A domain registrar is a domain registrar and the host is a host; there is no point in expecting to be hybrid personalities. Domain registrar simply does the job of providing you a domain name. The entity may not have even a shared data center to deal with the requirements of hosting website. So, making a check on the resources of the web host instead of blindly hiring a domain registrar is better choice for the safe future of your online business. Hosting service does require specialists’ support and this is what you get at a valid web hosting service.

Myth #3: All web hosting services are same

Web host understands the needs of various kinds of sites. There are certain hosts that specialize in launching e-commerce sites, sports sites and so on. Also, users may find hosts that have support for WordPress sites. You also must know about shared hosting service, reseller hosts, VPN hosts and dedicated hosts as all these have different resources structures and cost you accordingly. So, your website needs the hosting service that matches its requirements and not the ones that offer one size fits all kind of schemes as no such idea exists.

Myth #4: You need to be a scholar in hosting for doing online business

If this thought is stopping you from launching your online business, then here is good news for you. There is no need to be a hosting specialist to own or run a website. Hosting service providers are thorough professionals who have full infrastructure as well as a team of specialists to take care of the operational aspects of running a website. So, if you have developed a website, you can simply transfer the responsibility of making the website accessible to these professionals. Just make sure that your host provides self-help features and easily manageable control panels. Also, a validated and trained customer support staff is another thing to test while choosing your web host.

Myth #5: All hosting services have their own data centers

No, certainly not! All hosting services do not have their own data centers. Whether explicitly or implicitly stated, the hosting service will give a hint about whether their data centers are their own or are hired from a reseller. Whatever is the case, it is better to find all about the data centers as these are the remote locations which would actually store all your crucial information. If the data centers are not maintaining requisite standards of security, your data becomes vulnerable.

Myth #6: Go for only that web host that has no negative reviews

If you follow this strategy, you probably would require starting a web host service of your own. Internet is an open space and people get irate at the drop of the hat. So, you will find negative reviews everywhere as nobody can guarantee 100% satisfaction in the quality of services. It is better to ascertain first whether the review is from genuine user or not. This certainly is not possible. So, go for those web hosts that did not have many blotches on their records and had given minimal problems to the users. Reading the hosting reviews on HostingReviewBox.com may help you to select the hosting service provider as of your need.

Web hosting service can make or break the situation when it comes to making online business a hit. So, choose with open mind and positive attitude, you won’t be disappointed.

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