How to permanently Unlock iCloud Lock by official iCloud Unlocker Tool

With the official service for iCloud Unlocker you can make your Apple device work normally once again. Now it is confirmed that this unlocking service tool is highly effective and that can permanently help you deal with the iCloud lock issue.

It is no secret that the number of iPhone users who are dealing with Activation screen lock problems is constantly increasing. The roots of the iCloud lock problem lock go way back ever since Apple has decided to increase the security of its products. Several years ago the company has introduced new defensive features that can protect the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch at the ultimate level. This was back in 2013 when the “find my iPhone” feature was first introduced and the iCloud safety was added. Thanks to these additions, the security levels of all Apple products were set to the highest point. In the aftermath, the number of stolen or compromised Apple devices was reduced to an all time minimum. These improvements were proven to be really successful.iCloud unlocker

Problems with Activation Lock screen

However, even though one serious issue was finally put to an end, another problem has emerged. It is no secret that the newest iPhone models are really expensive. Due to this many users tend to buy old and used devices for cheaper prices. But, ever since the introduction of the iCloud and Find my iPhone feature, the issue with the iCloud lock has started to make problems, especially to those users who have bought old and used devices. This is because the previous owner who is selling the device is required to disable the Find my iPhone feature (which is by default enabled) but in many cases this doesn’t happen.

As a consequence, the next user is left with one serious problem and is unable to normally use the device due to the Activation screen lock that requires a valid Apple ID and password to Unlocker the device.

 How to disable the activation screen lock

In case your Apple device is iCloud locked then you definitively must download the official iCloud Unlocker tool. With this tool you can permanently unlock the old iCloud account and set a new one directly from the database of Apple. The entire procedure will not take a lot of time and it is free of charge. You only need to download the official iCloud Unlocker tool via our website links and follow the Unlocker instructions.

  1. Download and install the program
  2. Add the IMEI code and select your iPhone model
  3. Initiate the iCloud Unlocker process
  4. Wait several minutes while the process is finished
  5. Once you receive the confirmation email go to iTunes
  6. Activate your iPhone via iTunes by doing Update-Restore

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