VPS Hosting – Why You Can Do Better With This Server Hosting Option

VPS or Virtual Private Server represents a virtualized server. The hosting environment is similar to a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. In purely technical terms, VPS hosting means both shared and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting runs on a technology similar to that of VMware where several virtualized operating systems can be run on a single system.  In VPS

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How to Choose the Best Dedicated Servers

The best dedicated servers will offer you a high degree of reliability, scalability, flexibility, and excellent technical support. In dedicated server hosting, a single server and its resources cater to the interests of a single enterprise only; therefore, this enterprise can enjoy unlimited disk space, bandwidth and 24×7 technical support so that the website runs seamlessly without facing any downtime

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Dedicated Server Hosting is more Secure, Flexible and Reliable

Businesses large or small have two major hosting options available to them to host their websites or web application: shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is the cheaper option as the client’s website is hosted along with websites of different other users on the same server.  Despite being cost effective, shared hosting setup is inflexible; clients have less control

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