Overview of WordPress Hosting VS Web Hosting for Web Projects

Countless types of hosting and myriad of hosting service providers can play havoc with your decision making capability while zeroing on the right choice of web hosting solution. In the process of selecting your dream webhost, one must find time to compare WordPress hosting VS web hosting.

Vital aspects of WordPress hosting revealed

Web hosting is a traditional method of hosting that offers wide range of hosting solutions and ability of using applications. Another choice to consider would be WordPress hosting because it is the most preferred choice of bloggers and enjoys the highest popularity among all blogging platforms.

Many individuals are lured into choosing WordPress.com for their web ventures. However, one must not overlook some of the serious concerns associated with WordPress.com service that is offered free of cost.

It must be noted that there are no free meals and availing service of WordPress.com does have its own issues. These aspects of WordPress hosting VS web hosting must be considered before taking a plunge into building a website or blog-post. You will find that your website will have to manage with limited themes without provision for customization. Secondly there is no facility of plug-ins with WordPress.com.

You will have to bear with obtrusive advertisements by WordPress.com and manage with restricted ability to customize CSS and PHP. Things like Search Engine Rankings, custom analytics, analyzing and tracking of your website’s online performance have no relevance here. WordPress.com does not support embedding scripts or adding widgets to your posts.

The so called free offering will induce you to pay for additional features including premium themes, custom domain names, additional space, option of ‘no ads’ and so forth.

While you are trying to understand details of WordPress Hosting VS Web Hosting you should know that WordPress is nothing but a popular Content Management Software that also facilitates individuals create their own websites or blogs.

WordPress.org needs support of hosting service provider since it is a self hosted blog. However WordPress.com is offered as a free service and hence does not need to be hosted.

Benefits of Web hosting for enhancing website performance

Web hosting is a well established service that is helping enterprises and individuals across the globe with wide spectrum of additional features that are not available with WordPress hosting. If you are availing services of an ideal web hosting provider, then you can be sure about your online visibility and robust technical support.

You need to look at the following important aspects of web hosting services while comparing WordPress hosting VS web hosting:

  • Robust and resilient Tier III data centers
  • N+1 redundancy of power
  • High end computing resources
  • Mission critical hardware and networking equipment
  • Six zone security
  • Round the clock performance monitoring

Providers of web hosting also empower clients with world class CMS solutions including WordPress, Joomla, as well as Drupal. This option cannot be availed when you are using WordPress hosting.

You can always be assured of the right environment for your web project with wide choice of hosting packages offered by web hosting services. The portfolio of service offerings includes shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting. Many other value added benefits are available for users including email hosting, data management, disaster recovery, and CDN services.

Security of your mission critical data is the prime objective of web hosting service providers of repute. Tier III data centers with stringent security measures and impregnable access control initiatives improve security and integrity of equipment as well as data.

An important parameter to consider while considering WordPress hosting VS web hosting is unique IP address for your website offered in web hosting. It can improve your online identity and also facilitate better search engine optimization.

Better search engine ranking is also the result of faster page loading characteristics of your website. This assured with use of premium bandwidth and high network uptime of 99.95 percent by leading web hosting service providers.

Web hosting empowers users with email hosting solutions that have become essential part of every enterprise communication system. If you are using a free email service for your business communications, then your business communications will appear unprofessional.

If your email address is yourname@abcenterprise.com then your clients and associate will instantly associate you with your organization. It is essential to know while comparing WordPress Hosting VS Web Hosting that WordPress hosting does not offer email hosting facility.

One of the most compelling features of WordPress Hosting VS Web Hosting is availability of technical support to users of web hosting services.

Web hosting service can improve your website performance for better brand visibility and optimization. You can exploit all these benefits for your website, if you are able to find the right web host.

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