Outstanding Musical Creativity App for Students: Record, Compose and Play Music

Don’t you want your own studio where you can edit songs, mix rhythms, add effects etc in it?? If yes, then download Garageband App instantly which consist of incredible features and and a user friendly interface. Garageband app is a complete package where the user can create, record, mix and share the self created music with the other people as well. It is a popular and an amazing music software which is currently used by millions of users and developed by most trusted unit i.e. Apple. And with the wide popularity of this application, this software is not only used by iOS and Mac users but also used by Window users.


Features of Garageband for PC

Since Apple has gained ample of popularity of this popular Garageband app, it comprises of unique featues which the users won’t know. Let us discuss the features in detail:

  • Virtual Software Instruments: In this feature, garageband consist of inbuilt software instruments which allows the user to create original composition of music. Later on they can play that music with the help of virtual keyboard as well.
  • Garageband plugins: This is the most awesome feature of the Garageband app as it comprises of multiple soundtracks in it such as Garageband Rhythmic section, Garageband Remix Tools, Garageband World music and Voices etc. Moreover these are called JAM-PACKS which are the offical addons provided by the Apple particularly for Garageband app.features-garageband
  • Records Audio: This feature allows you to record and play multiple tracks simultaneously. You can add music and mix it with the others tracks as well.
  • Guitar Tracks: This app consist of guitar inbuilt soundtracks which you can add accordingly. With this feature you can easily create your unique audio and also can compose original music.
  • MIDI File: Basically with the help of this garageband app, you can import MIDI file to edit the soundtracks.
  • Music Lessons: Music lessons exactly means that a user can install these lessons from lessons store which is available in this app for guitar anmd piano soundtracks.mixcraft

Therefore with its fruitful and efficient features, download Garageband for PC  for FREE to record and mix unique soundtracks.

Alternatives to Garageband for Windows

There are certain alternatives which you can also use which are similar to this app.

  • Mixcraft7: Mixcraft7 is a paid tool f $89.95 with one trial at free of cost. After getting familiar with Garageband for PC tool, many users know that this is one of the best tool which gives options from its huge section of library in it. The user interface is simple and easy to use. With the variety of availability of plugins, this is also a good alternative to Garageband which the user can use.


  • FL-Studio 12: This also a popular and an amazing paid app which costs $ 99 with its free trial for once. This tool also consist of user friendly interface which will enable the users to use the software conveniently and effectively. To avail the experience of this alternative, you can try the free version for once.


  • Reaper: This is an amazing music mixing alternative tool which is available for $60. This is one of the great alternative which enables to record the most wanted soundtracks, add the after-effects, edit recordings etc. So, you can easily install this alternative accordingly to create your own music as well.

GarageBand Update for Students

The astounding application Garageband for Windows or PC also gets started using in schools as well in Saint Louis country for the promotion of art education. Students can create their own music in their own voices and can also organize instruments in it with the help of this Garageband app. In fact, school teachers are also encouraging their students to participate in the extra curricular activities to built the creative pieces of art.

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