Need of an intruder alarm system in India

Every day, the newspaper comes filled with the incidents of robbery and housebreaking. Over the years, the rate of theft and robbery has declined, but the absolute numbers of the same have increased. Also it has been seen from the statistics that ninety nine percent of the housebreaking takes place during the daytime, when the residents are off to work or school. A house security system can keep your house from becoming the next target.

So why an Intruder alarm system?

The development of a intruder alarm system was done to come up with an automated, self reliant, self powered security system that was able to monitor the customer’s property at all times and is also able to detect any unauthorized or forced intrusion into the private property. The alarm system of the security system, alerts the owner of the property or the security personnel about the forced and unauthorized entry into the property.

The burglar alarm system india works both actively and passively. It detects the property breaks in real time and identifies the breaker, by the means of electronic recording. At the same time, installation of a burglar alarm system provides your house with deterrence against any unwelcome visitors. The best part of having a security system installed is the owner’s peace of mind. You house is now a safe place where you can keep all your precious belongings and assets without any hesitation or fear.


Uses of Intruder alarm systems:

  1. Security coverage for your house, or property.
  2. Day and night tracking of your business.
  3. Intrusion alarm system for your shop, workhouse or go-down.

The main components of an intrusion alarm system india are:

Detectors- The detector is the eyes and ears of a security system. It is the sensing element installed in the sensitive areas that are most likely to be vandalized when a house break takes place. These detectors respond to environmental disturbances like sounds, vibrations, shock, smoke, water, movement and heat. The detectors transfer the signals to the control panel for decision making.

Control Panel– Control panel works as the mind of the security system. The input to the control panel is in the form of electric signal from the detectors. The control panel processor contains a log book of codes for each type of signal. This logbook has a preset value of reference quantities fed to the panel. When the input detector signal is received, the control panel processor compares the input with the reference to make the appropriate decisions. Control panel is attached with a display device. It can be either LED or LCD display. The display is used to show the user where and what type of alarm has been set off. The control panel comes in various shapes, colors, or sizes.

Deterrent- Deterrent devices are like the hands of the security system. When the control panel detects an unauthorized or abnormal activity through the sensors the deterrent is used to notify the security. The deterrent can be in the form of sirens, lights and alarms.

Home safety systems can provide unparalleled safety to your property and they do not cost an earth to install. They reduce the possibility of human error and negligence, so you can have your peace of mind about the security of your home no matter where you are.





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