Managed WordPress Hosting – When Do You Really Need It?

Right from the question it is clear that this article is meant for the dummies that are new to the hosting world or more specifically managed WordPress hosting. If you think, you are not a dummy anymore; you have the discretion of not reading this article at all.

Now, let’s come back to the main point of discussion here. You must know that prices of managed WordPress hosting in India is much higher than average shared hosting. Now, this is where most beginners start thinking whether they at all need this higher priced hosting solution. To help the dummies make the right choice and invest hard earned money at the right hosting solution, this article has been written. Some of the important sections that have been delved with include explanation about the topic, benefits, drawbacks, and many more.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting anyway and what is its Significance?

There are many specialists who manage WordPress hosting like a pro. Any technical issue can be sorted out by them easily. Whether a user is facing the problem of scalability, website uptime, daily back-ups, wordpress updates, speed, or security, all of them can be sorted out by the user with the help of the managed WordPress server service. Therefore, a completely hassle free hosting solution can be enjoyed by the user, thereby helping the business owner concentrate only on the core business aspects only. In managed WordPress server hosting service, premium support is also available which entrusts WordPress experts in providing managed hosting solution. When the premium service is opted for, the managed service is not provided by a person just by reading a support manual. Now, you know about the basic aspect of this managed service. What you now need to know is the advantages and disadvantages associated with this specialized hosting solution.

What are the Benefits?

There are numerous advantages associated with this kind of hosting solution. However, only the most important ones are charted out here:

1. This hosting solution is extremely fast as the servers are configured for WordPress specifically. Benefit of this blazing fast feature can be experienced even when there has been a tremendous spike in web traffic.
2. When the WordPress hosting solution is managed, it is practically hacker proof. This is because a strong security layer has been put into place that regularly scans malware in the system, thereby blocking every attempt of hacking.
3. When you opt for managed Wordress hosting solution, you ensure that your hosting solution gets support service from highly knowledgeable technical experts or professionals who have wide array of knowledge on WordPress platform. Proper guidance and advise are given by those experts so that you don’t use plugins that adversely affect performance of the server and many more.
4. Businesses need to keep regular back-ups so that the uploaded data don’t get erased during any technical glitch. That’s why daily back-up facility is available to users when this kind of hosting solution is opted for. In fact, restore points are also provided so that proper reverting can be done when required.
5. If you want to concentrate on core business areas, it is preferred that you provide least resource to managing hosting solutions. That’s why automatic update facility in this hosting solution is available.
6. Businesses hate downtime as it not only adversely affects user experience (which in turn is related to SEO) but also business prospects directly or indirectly. Managed WordPress hosting solution ensures that there is practically no downtime. If the experts feel that there is going to be any downtime in the future, they will act accordingly in an pre-empt manner so that no such adversity is met by the user.
7. There are lots of development tools available in this kind of hosting. In accordance with the host, the available tools change too. Some of the most common ones available are version control, staging area, and others.

Are there any drawbacks of this kind of managed hosting solution?

Yes, there are some. The first thing that may pinch is the cost. It is believed to be around 7 times pricier than shared hosting solutions. However, the price of this managed service will not seem big if cost of running large website is factored in. To run a heavy traffic website, a business needs to appoint a system administrator and therefore pay a hefty sum to him. In place of that managed WordPress hosting solution is much more affordable. Call 1800-212-2022 for more information.

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