Make Sure to Hire the Services of a Well-Known Cloud Hosting Provider in India

The term ‘cloud’ in computer terminology refers to a network of computing devices that work together to provide hosting and storage services over the Internet. Cloud hosting is provided by connecting multiple servers that together represent a cloud. Cloud hosting in other words refers to the process of configuring servers in a flexible way that allows for putting together a reliable, scalable and affordable web infrastructure and data backup facility.

The primary benefit of cloud computing is that all web hosting services run on many physical servers which ensures utmost reliability as the failure of one server will not impair the high level of services provided.

Cloud computing scores high on parameters of accessibility, scalability, reliability and affordability. With infinite expansion capabilities and incredible power, cloud computing offers modern organizations a dependable and robust hosting platform to take their business to new altitudes.

A quality cloud hosting provider in India can help organizations with limited resources skip spending money on building and maintaining computing infrastructures in-house. Quality service providers offer a lot of attractive and promising benefits for a large array of organizations operating across various industries.

However, one very important thing to note is that all service providers are not equal and you need to be aware of service providers who deviate a lot from what they say and what they do.  Business should evaluate many factors before choosing a cloud hosting provider in India. Paying close attention to factors like the services offered, online backup and data storage capabilities, customer support and user friendliness among other things can help you derive the maximum from this powerful technology.

Some of the important factors you need to pay close attention before settling upon a cloud hosting service provider in India are as following:

Types of cloud computing services provider

Cloud hosting is all about the practice of using remote interconnected servers to manage and process data online. Cloud computing is a broad umbrella term that encompasses many services, all of which fall under three major types of cloud computing models.

Software as a Service (SaaS) – Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model where consumers are able to access software applications hosted by a service provider or vendor through a public network usually the Internet.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) – is a distinct method of platform-based cloud computing that allows clients to develop and manage their own software and applications without the need for building the accompanying infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Infrastructure as a service is a type of computing model where the clients develop and manage their own software applications but implement them using service provider’s infrastructure.

Organizations may choose any of the models depending upon their needs and requirements and of course their hosting infrastructure. A good cloud hosting provider in India irrespective of the type of cloud hosting model chosen is expected to provide the same level of customer support, features, security, scalability and ease of administration among other things.

Security and customer support

This is one of the most important aspects of cloud computing that needs closer attention and scrutiny.  Businesses before hosting their most sensitive and business critical data on the cloud will demand and expect extra powerful security from the service provider. Well-known cloud servers hosting providers in India understands this and as such provide comprehensive security. They install firewalls, make use of anti-virus software, have advanced anti-spam filter in place and make use of powerful encryption technologies during transfer of data. Quality service providers also offer an accessible administrator control panel to ease communication with the provider’s tech support. You also need to ensure that the service provider has excellent technical support and customer service available on 24×7 basis.

Paying attention to the above mentioned factors will help you settle upon a well-known and experienced cloud hosting provider in India that can help have the following benefits.

A quality cloud hosting provider in India can help you derive the maximum from this technology by facilitating the setting up a virtual office that makes accessing important data and information extremely easy irrespective of time or place. With a quality provider by your side, you can be assured of the following advantages.

Redundant data storage – you no longer have to worry about your business critical data and information as they are safely stored on the remote physical server of the service provider and can be quickly accessed anytime of the day or night with the help of an internet connection.

Efficient use of resources – a quality cloud hosting provider in India ensures maximum and most efficient use of resources. You can give up on some additional resources when you do not need them and demand extra to handle extra network traffic.

No single point of failure – each part of the service is ensured to be redundant and distributed. This means that there are no hardware problems, nor software problems from the underlying technology.

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