Maintain an Organized Website with CMS Hosting

Content management system or more commonly called CMS in short is a web hosting system that comes with multiple features and functions. It can aptly be described as software option to manage the content in websites. The content may be in the form of blogs, articles, press releases, audio and video presentations, events and more. With CMS hosting the websites irrespective of the size can upload and keep content in an organized form. It makes it easier and faster to navigate. Alterations and adding or deleting pages can be managed quickly and efficiently.

CMS Hosting

CMS Hosting

Some of the advantages of CMS hosting that the clients enjoy include

1. Basic functions like creating, deleting, editing and organizing content pages
2. Gives total control over the content through some default settings. This could be useful in the later stages when the business is growing.
3. Access to the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors to add, edit, amend the website content. The editor can also organize images, clips, etc and download files.
4. The content creators can manage files and images effectively. it offers tools for resizing, cropping, rotating files and images and in attaching PDF files, word documents and other similar documents.
5. It is flexible and customizable. The client can convert it the way they find suitable for their website.
6. Offers third party accessibility option. It also has the option for visitors to post comments, chat and other interaction tools.
Key features of CMS:

• Caching ensures better performance. With CMS hosting, the website gets multiple level of caching each of which can be customized. The CMs can run on the cloud environment too offering highest level of performance.
• The CMS is compatible with other technologies like CRM systems, mobile applications, ERPs and social networks. It becomes more cost effective with the ready to use connectors.
• CMS ensures stability with high level performances even during constant traffic spikes.
• CMS hosting offers advanced security management. Since there could be multiple users in a website, the platform provides for fully customizable content permission modules, user role, and pre-authentication like CAPTCHA options.
• It offers a customizable workflow process whereby the client can revert to the previously used versions.
• It provides for online marketing tools that are customer centric and can be optimized for delivery across multiple locations
• Many organizations have multiple businesses. CMS offer multiple supports for such entities. It also offers multi lingual support.
• Customers can access the website through their mobile devices. CMS allows flexible mobile website applications.
• 24/7/ 365 days customer service

There are many good CMS hosting options to consider when constructing a new website. The CMS again can further be classified into two categories of traditional or open source content management system and secondly the hosted content management system. The traditional or open source CMS are preferred by web designers in constructing attractive websites and they use one of the options depending on the nature of business. All the types of CMS have their own community of developers and contributors who add and update the CMS and extend technical assistance too to the clients.

WordPress: It is an open source and popular form of CMS hosting and the largest community of followers and developers. WordPress has an extensive list of plugins and themes. Though it started as a blogging platform, it now has become very popular because of its ease of use.

Drupal: It is a simple and popular CMS but requires a bit of technical know-how of coding.

Joomla: This CMS is a mobile ready and user friendly option. It offers the additional feature of extensions.

Alfresco: It is a powerful CMS widely used at enterprise level and caters to businesses that have lot of documentation and large operations.

B2Evolution: This CMS offers anti-spam filters, photo albums, online books, pages and manuals.

Small business that are likely to grow and develop can avail the basic cheaper editions of the enterprise ready CMS hosting plans as it gives the accessibility to the advanced features and can scale the infrastructure as the site develops into a larger platform. One never knows what they may require tomorrow. This helps in adapting to the latest technologies as they come. Websites have gained a lot with the CMS as the user does not require a technically qualified person to start and maintain the website.

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