Latest Social Media and SEO Trends You Simply Cannot Undermine

In case you have recently not assessed your social media and SEO strategies, now is the right time to identify the latest trends and strategies in the industry today. Here we would be discussing a few of those current trends that seem to be pretty important. However, none of these current trends are demanding a drastic overhaul to your tactics and strategies. All you need to do is to get inspired and adopt a few ideas on ways to adjust your marketing and promotional campaigns in the times to come.

Real-time Engagement & Live Video

Video content is currently very much in demand. Its significance and popularity are consistently on the rise. Users today have more mobile and definitely faster internet connections and the splurge of written content web-wide has certainly left Internet users asking for visually more engaging content such as videos and visuals. Moreover, today even live content or in-the-moment things are gaining a lot of importance in the social circuit thanks to constant communication and mobile experience. These two latest trends together are instrumental in the growing popularity of live-streaming video that is actually being promoted by almost all the prominent social media profiles. You could be anticipating its growth in terms of both streaming, as well as, viewing

Real-time engagement is the reason behind the growing popularity of Instagram. It is slightly over three years old, but Instagram has taken a major leap in social media. With more than 500 million users today Instagram is a very popular social media platform thanks to the 16 billion pictures shared and over 1 billion likes every single day. This photo-sharing, as well as, editing platform is certainly among the top few engaging channels present today in the social media. Instagram is a social media platform for sharing videos and pictures and identifying what is working successfully and what is going wrong and where. Instagram is able to understand what a particular audience would be yearning for. Visit for all your Instagram solutions.

More Priority on Apps

Both search engines and social media platforms are showing an inclination toward apps in their novel features. Google, for instance, is coming up with important features such as app streaming for prioritizing the usage and visibility of apps meant for mobile users. As the current trend continues, apps would be assuming an even more pivotal role in the online experiences of users. Instagram is currently having 500 million active users. To develop a durable bond and engagement with these users, it is necessary for you to share fascinating and highly-targeted content which gels with your audience.


Suppose you are an amateur photographer, this could be presenting a few problems. This is where video and image apps come to the picture. There is an increasing demand for third party apps that are meant for Instagram and available at the App Store. These apps are effective in improving certain aspects of iOS offering of Instagram that is not liked or appreciated by some users. These apps are good for adding advanced features, additional editing options, collage type layouts and also scheduling options chiefly for Instagram posts. Briefly speaking all these third party apps could help make your Instagram experience much better.

Voice Search & Digital Assistance

Digital assistants namely Cortana and Siri are steadily rising in user adoption and sophistication since the last few years. Another type of digital assistant is coming up: the home unit. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are two instances of the way voice search is slowly but surely gaining importance in your daily lives. It, therefore, implies a higher emphasis on long-tail keywords as opposed to an even lower emphasis on the short, core keywords. There is an increasing trend toward colloquial kinds of searches. You need to adapt your entire content accordingly.

The Emergence of Social Content

There is no dearth of social media content today, from users and brands alike. However, the latest features such as Instant Articles on Facebook are coming up and we may witness the emergence of a new type of social content altogether.


You do not need to completely and drastically change your strategies. Think of redistributing your budget for implementing more efficient strategies. You could even consider increasing your budget for experimenting with a novel channel. However, the most vital thing that you should remember is to keep the long-term future in mind and always stay flexible.


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