Is Your iPhone 6 Affected by the Fatal ‘Touch Disease’?

Has your iPhone recently been acting up or you’ve been experiencing some glitches while operating it? You think you’re all alone? No, you’re not!

iPhone 6 users in India have reported this glitch too and unfortunately Apple does not recognise this as an official problem just yet. The problem has been attributed to a flaw in the design which Apple has refused to recognise or own up to it. This glitch has been named the “Touch Disease”.

Users of iPhone 6 in India have made numerous complaints about this glitch and some users around the world have sued Apple Inc. for this defect in design which affects specifically the screen of the iPhone 6 and makes it unresponsive thereby making the device completely unusable.


A class-action lawsuit was filed on Saturday in which it was stated that Apple was aware of this problem but has refused to offer a solution.

The problem usually surfaces right after a grey bar flickers at the top of the multi-touch display. The plaintiffs have said that this issue wouldn’t have occurred if Apple had not decided to exclude a metal “shield” or “underfill” to cover the necessary parts of the IC chip like it did in older versions of the iPhone such as the iPhone 5.

Apple removed the metal shield and replaced it with a plastic shield to make the new iPhone thinner. In the lawsuit, Apple Inc. is being sued for violation of consumer protection laws and fraud.

As of Monday, Apple had not made any comments on the issue.

About the “Touch Disease”

Users said that the phones affected by this faced severe touch issues. The screen would not respond to touch but would come on by doing a hard reset. However, it’s just like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off because the problem could return anytime. It is reported that this defect is more pronounced in the iPhone 6 Plus, but it is present in the iPhone 6 variants as well.

This issue has been reported several times on Apple’s support forums, many of whom are iPhone 6 India users. According to a user, he was able to speak with a representative who acknowledged the problem because he has seen several cases, but he said Apple does not see it as a big deal so there’s not much he can do about it.

So if the Geniuses at Apple workshops aren’t able to help us, there’s nothing much we can do about it either. For users whose phone is still under warranty, Apple will assist with the repairs but for those whose phones are out of warranty, they will have to either replace their logic boards or buy a new iPhone altogether.

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