How Interactive Whiteboards Are Revolutionizing Board Meetings

One of the rapidly growing concerns of businesses everywhere today is the increasing productivity gap in the per hour output of employees. However, if you think about it, productivity requires value and not just speed.

While you can help your employees work efficiently, improving the quality of work is entirely up to them. One primary target for improvement is the meeting in which a lot of stress is involved in the planning. And it is amplified on remote calls where it becomes difficult to keep track of ideas.

This is where new technologies like interactive whiteboards, or IWB, come into play. For a very long time, a face-to-face discussion constituted a meeting; but in modern work places, phone calls, emails, video conferencing, and chat tools bring together people from different locations across the world. A remote session using an IWB is the natural evolution of the real face-to-face discussion. It can edit, create, finalise, and share documents while seeing and speaking with fellow attendees.

However, all these methods do run into difficulties in scale. The pain of a conference call is known to all when too many parties are involved. Similarly, the actual strengths of face-to-face knowledge sharing can’t be captured in these methods.

The main functionality of IWB is bringing remote meetings to life. They enable the presenter to share, discuss, and annotate multiple documents in real time. The attendees can even receive and update files before the meeting is over and the presenter can send an email directly from the board.

The most robust business in the industry is built on relationships, and it’s becoming truer every day. The business leaders must embrace modern technologies in work places, yet preserve teamwork and the collaborative spirit. So, regular contact must be maintained for the sense of unity and collective spirit. Face to face interaction is essential. And interactive whiteboards allow international and decentralised business in the world to come together.

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