HTC One M10 to be launched soon

In the trade of smartphones, many brands have been struggling for many years now. The simple way to continue their race is to catch up with the technical evolution and as possible imply in the product, to match up with the trend and time. This simply figures out the motive of business, sales and profit of the brands. But the HTC One brand doesn’t follow the rule to launch its device in short intervals. It has launched its devices annually- that is once in a year. Starting from its first device that is M7 which had launched in the year 2013 up to this year’s launch, that is M9; all the models have effectively served the users with predefined technology. The upcoming model is HTC One M10 which is to be launched soon, probably in the year 2016 in the month of March; this is expected from the brand because it has launched all its devices annually in the month of March. The new HTC One M10 will be the superior in the trade of smart phones as expected.

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Expected features in the upcoming model

Rumors are flowing on the web about the specific features and specs incurred in HTC One M10. These rumors are certainly baseless but even it can’t be avoided looking onto the standard and history of the brand. The rumors can be mentioned as-:

  • A display of 2K/4K resolution with an effective screen of 5 inches exclusively designed for the user’s convenience.
  • The new HTC One M10 has 4GB RAM incurred in it.
  • HTC One M10 processor is dignified with a Qualcomm82X with 3.X GHz Octa core HMP cyclone technology which further clarifies 6 instructions per cycle capability.
  • The HTC One M10 supports dual Nano SIM.
  • The device has a 3500mAh battery.
  • The HTC One M10 has effective two stereo speakers which are very powerful.
  • 64GB-128GB inbuilt memory gives the new HTC One M10 a hike certainly.
  • As the device has inbuilt memory in large there is no expectations for any external memory SD slot.
  • The device has Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset effective with 8 cores.
  • 27MP dual camera is provided in the device, both at rear and at the front.
  • With extra features of water proof and dust proof technology it makes it a relevant smart device indeed.
  • Heart rate sensor and touch ID scanner makes the HTC One M10 more effective than others.
  • The price ranges from $650-$800, as the specifications mentioned above are highly defined the range would even be high but efficient in comparison to other models of other brands.

Don’t expect on/from rumors

The rumors can be predicted as the brand offers the latest technical availability in its device. The brand will certainly not deceive the user’s expectations and launch its device very effectively smashing up all other competent of the range. The rumors can’t be believed on as the brand has not announced the specific features and specs incurred in the upcoming device but expectations can be made accordingly. The brand will certainly not let its user’s expectations down by any means.

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