How You Can Use Cloud Server Hosting To Popularize Your Business

Today the best method to popularize one’s business is to make use of the internet. One can create one’s own website and use it to generate sales. For a website to keep going, one needs hosting services. Until now dedicated servers were pre dominantly used for hosting of the websites. But now the market has been taken by storm by a new technology that is known as cloud server hosting.

Since cloud hosting is a new concept in hosting, the users tend to get little confused about this concept. They may ask questions that what is the difference between other servers and cloud based servers.

Cloud hosting runs on a network of clustered servers. This means that the hosting services are handled by using many servers rather than just a single server. Cloud servers work on concepts such as utility computing and Grid computing. Cloud computing makes use of a network of cluster servers so as to provide the best service to the users for their ever increasing hosting requirements. Thus this is a highly cost effective solution and the user would be charged for the processing power. The user just pays as per the usage. Thus the user does not pay for something that one is not using. The cloud computing platform makes use of the basic virtual private server services which gives the user better redundancy and reliability. The major idea behind cloud server hosting is to handle the differences in traffic and at the same time offer improved reliability and redundancy over any non cloud hosting package.

There are many advantages of cloud server hosting.

Let us look at what benefits does it offer to the clients.

Advantages of Cloud Server Hosting:

Faster Service

Today what is in short supply is time. In this regard, a cloud server is much better than a dedicated server. Dedicated server need to be configured and are not ready made. This activity calls for advanced computing skills and are not ready-made. On the other hand cloud storage comes with the advantage of being ready to use and the best part is that there are a number of options to pick & choose from. For anyone for whom time is a luxury – the best option would be to opt for cloud server.

Blue clouds


Another advantage of cloud server hosting is the scalability that it offers. Scalability can be defined as the vertical where the hardware can be added. It could also be the horizontal where the network is joined so as to even out the load. Since the cloud servers are virtual in nature they have the advantage of scaling faster. On the contrary dedicated server can be time consuming since they need time for the creation of back up.


Another question is reliability. Different people have different opinions when it comes to this. Some advocate that cloud servers work best for them whereas some swear by dedicated server. What matters in this regard is the service provider for the same. Both dedicated server and cloud server hosting are comparable in this regards but it is the service which can mar or make the service.

Cheaper Service

Cloud servers offer the advantage that you can use their service as pay as you go, which means that you have to spend much less on service. When it comes to dedicated servers you would have to pay if you like it or not. So cloud servers offer better value for money. Dedicated servers on the other hand mean that you lose out on the money and also all the resources are not put to good use. Since cloud servers are virtual in nature there is no loss of resources.

Cloud server hosting works the best for entrepreneurs whose business is fast growing. It is a system which is fast and can be upgraded much faster. It is reliable also. Cloud hosting is the latest technology in a growing field. Thus anybody who is looking for making a strong online presence- be it a big business or a small business, should definitely consider availing the services of cloud server providers in India. It offers various benefits which the user can avail and make his website to earn sales and profits in the long run.

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