How to Choose the Best Dedicated Servers

The best dedicated servers will offer you a high degree of reliability, scalability, flexibility, and excellent technical support. In dedicated server hosting, a single server and its resources cater to the interests of a single enterprise only; therefore, this enterprise can enjoy unlimited disk space, bandwidth and 24×7 technical support so that the website runs seamlessly without facing any downtime whatsoever. This makes dedicated hosting the best possible option for e-commerce websites which have to deal with high volumes of Internet traffic. These sites cannot afford to slow down and demand a high network uptime which only the best dedicated servers can guarantee.
dedicated-servers-hosting-IndiaHow to choose best dedicated servers for your business:

There are some criteria which you can consider when it comes to choosing the best dedicated servers for your organization:

• To begin with, you must decide on the operating system you wish to install and run on the server; this could be Windows or Linux. Linux remains a popular choice because it is an open source platform and there are no licensing fees involved. Windows, on the other hand, scores in popularity because majority of the users are familiar with Windows tools and resources. When you have not used Linux before, you may have to learn it well before you can use it to your advantage. While Windows offers greater power and flexibility, Linux is known for more speed and reliability.

• When looking for the best dedicated servers, one must consider the RAM and CPU you will be entitled to in the hosting package. When you have a static brochure website for instance, you will not need much RAM but when you have dynamic web pages with rich graphics, you will need additional disk space and CPU power.

• When choosing a dedicated server, another vital consideration is the bandwidth; this feature will actually determine how much data will be delivered from the dedicated server. Graphic intensive websites will naturally require a far higher bandwidth. This is why it is important to choose providers that can assure of a high bandwidth so that your website does not slow down.

• You should also decide whether you need managed dedicated hosting or unmanaged dedicated hosting when you are on the lookout for the best dedicated servers. When you have efficient IT staff to handle server related issues and monitor the server, you can choose unmanaged hosting. But when you opt for managed hosting, you can rely on the provider to take care of the server and its management completely. While unmanaged dedicated hosting seems to be the cheaper option, it is not really so in reality because to be able to effectively monitor and maintain the dedicated server, you will need to spend money on training your staff.

• The best dedicated servers will typically have quality hardware and not obsolete components which do not have the use the latest technologies. You will need to choose dedicated servers having enterprise-level HDDs and SSDs.

• The best dedicated servers will also offer round-the-clock assistance to their clients so that their technical problems can be resolved without delay and the sites function optimally without any disruptions. You must find out the levels of technical support you will get from the provider, whether their technical team will respond to your queries and problems through live chats, phone calls and emails, what their response times are likely to be, whether their support teams actually solve the problem or simply direct you to a FAQ page etc.

• When you want quality dedicated servers, you must review the hardware replacement guarantees offered by the providers; such guarantees are typically given to providers by the data centers. These guarantees imply that in case there is a technical issue, the provider or the data center where the server resides will replace the malfunctioning hardware within a stipulated time frame.

• You should also find out about the various control panels that hosting providers offer. The more popular control panels are cPanel, Plesk or Web Host Manager. These ensure that your migration to another provider, if necessary, is smooth and hassle-free. Besides, your hosting provider should also be able to offer you additional software should the need arise.

• Finally, your servers need to be accessible from anywhere in the world even if there is a power outage; the cheaper dedicated servers are usually not the best because they tend to use cheap data centers which house more servers. As a result, the network is more likely to get clogged and there are higher chances of packet losses during peak times. This is not acceptable for websites which have to handle large volumes of Internet traffic.

Best-dedicated-serversTo choose the best dedicated servers you can make use of these afore-mentioned criteria; you must understand that the best dedicated servers should offer you high degree of flexibility, scalability, reliability, high network uptime and excellent technical support. Reliable cloud hosting solutions will offer businesses a high degree of reliability since it houses multiple servers ensuring that even if there is a server crash, there is always another server which can provide you with resources; however, with dedicated server you can enjoy resources from a single physical server only.

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