Get the Best from your Website with a Quality Dedicated Server Hosting Firm in UAE

Dedicated server hosting is the ideal hosting solution for websites that witness large online traffic on daily basis. A quality dedicated server firm in UAE will offer you dedicated hosting at affordable prices with the facilities of customisation, comprehensive security, freedom to install and run operating system of choice along with all the software and applications supported by it. You will be provided your own unique IP address which can significantly boost your SEO efforts.  Your website will remain available and load quickly despite sudden spike in network traffic as there will be no issue of resource crunch as is often the case with shared hosting.



Some important benefits which you can reap by using the services of a well-known and established dedicated servers hosting firm in UAE are enumerated as following:

Administrative access and complete control

A quality dedicated server hosting provider will give you root/administrator access to install anything of your choice and also to perform custom program configurations. You can perform important tasks like software and application installation of your choice, migration, upgradation along with better management and operations of systems.  Having complete control also enables you to keep a track on your server performance and take corrective measures before they snowball into something major and affect your website performance.

Extra levels of reliability

This is another important benefit of dedicated server hosting. Because your website or application is hosted exclusively on this dedicated server, you don’t run the risk of the server being congested by requests for other people’s websites or applications. This is in sharp contrast to shared hosting where your website’s loading time and subsequently its performance depends to a significant extent upon the traffic being generated by other websites present on the same server. For example, a website generating additional traffic will consume extra resources resulting in slow loading time for other websites.

A quality provider of dedicated server hosting in UAE will provide your web application with exclusive bandwidth. You will also have your own unique IP address which is of paramount importance for security reasons. With shared hosting you have no idea as to what other account holders are doing on the same server. If one is caught writing bad scripts or uploading any other harmful content, search engines will punish all the websites present on the server.

Flexibility to customise

This is another important feature of dedicated server hosting. It allows you to build your own personal web server and choose either Windows or Linux operating system depending upon your unique hosting needs and requirements. Many hosting providers give cPanel or root WHM with LINUX Dedicated Servers, by default. You also have the freedom of choosing your own database software among the many present.

Enjoy the power and control of dedicated server hosting by hiring the services of Go4Hosting. One of the best dedicated server hosting firms in UAE, it offers carefully bundled packages and various add-ons to effectively and efficiently meet your unique hosting needs. You can call on its toll-free number 1-888-288-3570 for more information about its attractive and affordable dedicated hosting and Windows reseller package.

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