A Fine of 120 million dollars on Facebook for WhatsApp Deal

WhatsApp is a famous mobile messaging app which uses the internet connection in order to send messages to their friends, colleagues and family members. The biggest advantage of using WhatsApp is that the folks can send the texts without having to pay for the SMS messages. It is more famous among the youngsters and it gained popularity for letting the consumers for the free across national borders and there is no limit on the number of messages sent. It also lets the users to send the photos, videos and the audio messages as well as share the location using the phone’s built-in GPS.

It also supports the group chats, a specialized one where the SMS messages were never able to do and also lets the folks broadcast the messages to the huge lists of the contacts. The app offers about one-year free trial and it charges the consumers for about one dollar a year. WhatsApp itself describes the charge as the term of a nominal fee. When the gigantic messaging service introduced the term of annual charge, it even sure that the folks who are using iphones got the free service for life. WhatsApp is not an ad-supported one.

There are more than four hundred and fifty million active users and it is also adding a million more each and every day. It is said to be that WhatsApp is the most popular one and have more ratings comparing to other messaging services. A recent report says that the number of messages sent every day with the popular gigantic messaging service reported as eighteen billion and it will soon be more than ever SMS sent in the world and there is no doubt it is pretty popular one. The real fact is that value of WhatsApp to that of Facebook are its users.

Facebook acquires WhatsApp

Facebook has bought the mobile messaging service WhatsApp in the year 2014, for about nineteen billion dollars that represent Facebook’s biggest acquisition yet. This tremendous messaging service connects about one billion folks globally. A few years back the company struggled a lot to convince the investors of its strategy for mobile. The real fact is that the gigantic messaging service has more than four hundred million users globally and it is adding more than one million new registered users a day. The greatest advantage is that it allows for unlimited free text messaging and the picture sending between the folks and it is among the world’s most downloaded mobile apps.

The famous social media’s successful bid comes after Google made a one million offer for the company a year before. The huge messaging network service is on a path to connect the one billion people. The services that reach the milestone are incredibly valuable. The company is excited to make a tie up with many companies in order to make the world more open and connected. WhatsApp is extremely high user engagement and the simultaneous growth is driven by the simple, powerful and the immediate messaging capabilities.

One of the well-known multinational companies is excited and honored to partner with Facebook as they continue to bring the product to more users around the world. The real fact is that Facebook is making the purchase in a combination of cash and stock. Further, the gigantic messaging service will receive a huge amount of twelve billion dollars in Facebook shares about four billion dollars in cash and an additional three billion dollars in the restricted shares and in future, the company will function as an autonomous unit.

Still, the company’s ownership structure has not been disclosed. Facebook’s massive acquisition which is represented as the tech firms is fighting in order to build the mobile enterprises. WhatsApp is specifically big in the European countries and in Latin America where the market penetration is about eighty percent at the top position in the major countries including Brazil, Germany, and Portugal etc.

A year before Facebook faced a great failure of about three billion dollars bid for Snapchat, a service that sends the data and erases them after a shorter period. The China’s popular messaging service WeChat which is owned by Tencent is continuously building its service in the West and it is the new generation of messaging services. Facebook complimented excessively after it shares sale in the year 2012 as the experts were worried about the company and it was losing out as its users moved to the mobile.

It has recovered and it was concentrating on building up its mobile business. On the other side of the coin, the company has also warned that the teenagers are cooling on its service. The social messaging services such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Snapchat were attracting the youngsters. In China, the services have been linked to that of the bank accounts and also can be used to make the purchases at the stores and the restaurants and hotels.

There is an important criterion of a generational shift in the path where the folks connect. WhatsApp gives Facebook a major space in each and every part. The major MNC’s announced a stock market flotation that would value the firm at more than six billion dollars. A year before Google paid about four billion dollars for the maker of the Smart home appliances such as thermostats and burglar alarms. The real fact is that Yahoo service was launched in the year 2009 and in the year 2011, the users were sending more than a billion messages a day on the service.

Whether Facebook was fined for about one hundred and twenty million dollars?

Recently, Facebook was fined about for about one hundred and twenty million dollars by the European Union because of the major cause of misleading the regulators during the year 2014 review of the WhatsApp messaging service. The incorrect or the misleading information provided by the famous social media site did not have a clear collision on the outcome of the agreement. Facebook has given a statement that it could not automatically match the user accounts between its own platform and WhatsApp subsequently disclosed the information.

The European Commission gave a statement that there is antagonistic to the Facebook’s information in the year 2014 merger review process. The technical possibility of automatically matching Facebook and the WhatsApp consumer’s identities are already established in the year 2014 and the Facebook employees were aware of such possibility. There was a series of statements of objections to the Facebook detailing with that of the commission’s concern.

The EU Commission exclaims that the decisions they have decided send a clear signal to the organizations that they must comply with all the aspects which include the obligation in order provide the correct information. And also it imposes a proportionate fine on Facebook. At the same time, Facebook is also claiming the particular matter which is revealed and it remains to be visible whether the company will face the further regulatory issues integrated with bits ownership and the functionalities of WhatsApp. On the other side of the coin, the company has decided to share the data of between WhatsApp and the Facebook which remains halted in the Europe. Get an access to most interesting clone scripts through Zoplay and we also have the best WhatsApp clone script like SCIMBO for you to try as well.

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