Everything You Need to Know About Shared Web Hosting

All the people who are in the online business must be aware of the term web hosting. Infact, everyone who comes in touch with the internet will know what website hosting is. It is somewhat like what happens behind the scenes on every website and at the same time spread this data all around the globe, every hour of the day, for the entire week.

The moment you plan to bring your website live whether it is for your personal use or official, you will be needing a domain name and a package of web hosting. The package and its specifications entirely depends on how bulky is the website, what traffic are you expecting from it, and what is it meant for. For instance, if you are just sharing some pictures of a trip you had with your friends with your family, you know only people who will be visiting the page will be your family members and so you need nothing more than a dedicated server, whereas, large set ups who depend on the internet for their business won’t be using shared solution.

So now the question comes, what basically a shared hosting is
To talk in the most simplest terms shared hosting is simply what it name depict. Hosting that is shared. When you own a website, it involves hosting it which needs some space on the main server, this server is a computer kept in an off-site location. These servers are placed worldwide and are extensively secured by immense security measure to make sure that all the data that the customer post are protected.

It is this main server is the place where you buy space for your information, data, bandwidth and power for the machine which then spreads your website across the internet. When you look for a shared hosting plan, you are about to use a space where data of thousands of customers are stored in the same place.

The data will be stored and can be distributed and retrieved as and when the website visitors request to do so. As we all know about the latest technologies, one server can handle demands of several other websites, and so shared hosting finds its place for a small website in their initial journey of growing their website.

For anyone who manages a large website, or the one who receives a lot of traffic on their website, it is better that they invest in a dedicated or a cloud hosting solution, as they are more reliable and robust as compared to shared hosting. Dedicated web hosting offers you a server that is dedicated entirely to your site, whereas shared hosting gives a segregated sections of the main server with dedicated resources.Both of them are useful in their own ways as both of them eliminate the problems associated with noisy neighbours that can be a headache for anyone who is on a platform of shared hosting.

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