Easy Ways to Get Cheap Cloud Servers

Pricing of cloud hosting plans is arguably one of the most important factors that you will evaluate and compare before you sign up for this type of hosting. While being able to get cheap cloud servers is a huge incentive for any business, it is important to understand that low-priced plans are not necessarily the best. Cheap cloud servers are no doubt attractive because the hosting charges are low and will not drain your finances. But, it is important to check for the provider’s reputation and client feedbacks before you sign on the dotted line.

cheap SSD cloud server hostingWays to be sure you get quality services with cheap cloud servers:

  • Getting cheap cloud servers will obviously be on your priority list but you need to make sure that the provider is in a position to resolve problems when they arise. So, you need to find out if the vendor has a solid reputation for being able to tackle technical issues.
  • When you buy cheap cloud servers, you need to check for your vendors’ uptime guarantees. When they can guarantee you a high uptime of 99.9% it means that your website will be operational almost at all times. Free cloud hosting providers also make tall promises of such high uptimes; this has been possible since resources are being drawn from multiple servers. But when workloads are very high in such accounts, chances of the sites getting affected and slowing down are high. Operational problems will arise when the systems get overloaded. Requests made usually time out and the hosts begin to send alerts stating denial of services. Even the best cloud vendors may not be able to completely eliminate downtimes. At the same time, when you pay for such services, the chances of downtimes being frequent are far less. Low-priced plans will invariably have more such occurrences.
  • When you get cheap cloud servers, there is a possibility of there being advertisements on the websites. This is very common when you opt for free cloud hosting. So, if you are keen to portray a credible and professional image, it is not a good idea to buy cheap cloud hosting plans and free cloud hosting plans.
  • Cheap cloud servers may also give rise to bandwidth issues and disk space shortage. Your website may well outgrow its limits soon and you will need additional disk space. Likewise, bandwidth limits are even more damaging for the site. So, it is important to review their SLAs carefully before you pay for cloud hosting services. Such plans are never going to be cheap and you must realize that quality services will always come for a high price.

These are some things that you should remember when choosing cheap cloud servers, even if it is cheap SSD cloud server hosting. A thorough search on the Internet will allow you to find out vendors which offer reasonably priced solutions. You should check the prices well to see if the services match your business needs. It is also necessary to read the SLA very well and check the fine print. You may otherwise overlook additional costs and end up paying much more for the services. Even if the services you get are low priced, it is necessary to check whether these are compatible with your current infrastructure. Maintenance is costly and it is recommended that you know exactly how much you are expected to pay for this right at the outset. Last but not the least, even if you get cheap cloud hosting plans, you must consider factors like the security infrastructure you will get, backup provisions etc in order to take a rational and prudent decision.

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