Different types of Web Hosting Services

Web hosting is a kind of Internet hosting service in which any individual or any organisation can create their individual website and access it through word wide web. Web hosts are a type of company which gives space to other companies to host their website through their server. They provide space internet connectivity to any individual who wishes to host their website on World Wide Web, and they charge a nominal rate for providing such services.

Commonly there are two types of web hosting when categorized as per the operating system of the PC, namely.

Different types of web hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting is a type of hosting where the client uses the server completely. He does not share it with anyone else. He leases the server for his work and therefore gets complete control on the server, which includes full control on operating system, hardware etc.

Windows web Hosting: In this hosting system when the server PC runs on windows operating system. Windows hosting works perfectly if you plan to use dotNET, ASP, access database or other Microsoft products. The only problem is that, it provides little or limited access to Perl, CGI, Telnet, SSG and etc.

Linux Web Hosting: Similarly when the server PC runs on linux is called Linux Hosting instead of windows hosting. Linux hosting is often favored more than windows hosting system. This hosting provides comfortable access to Perl, SSG, CGI, Telnet etc. But if you have to work with ASP or use database then linux hosting will not be helpful, instead you must choose windows hosting.

Now, let’s understand those few types of web hosting which are based on the performance. In this category the performance of the available resources like RAM, CPU or the free space of the hard disc together helps in accessing the server. There are three types of web hosting;

Shared Hosting: In this category of web hosting some accounts are hosted on the similar pc. All accounts commonly uses from the system resources like CPU, RAM, Disk Space etc and they access it jointly. In this shared hosting users do not get much control of the server. They are only allowed to read or write files on this server but cannot modify any setting.

Virtual Private Server Hosting: In this system various accounts are hosted on the same PC but all of these accounts work independently. VPS gives complete control over the server hence the user can change or add software as per his requirement.

Dedicated Server Hosting: Both dedicated server hosting and VPS works similarly. But this hosting is considered to be the best hosting as it supports high traffic sites and also those sites which have complicated functionality like data base site or ecommerce sites.

Thus, depending on the nature of your site or activity just invest in the type of server to host the organizations presence on internet.


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