Dedicated Server Noida: Is it the Best Choice for You?

Cloud hosting is in vogue and more and more companies are taking to it with every passing day. And quite justifiably, cloud hosting does offer a host of benefits. Enterprises that are keen on hitting the cloud find more security and exposure.

Cheap-dedicated-server-NoidaWhat is Hosting and why is it Beneficial?

Cloud hosting is a concept where all the data and the website representing your business can be hosted on an outsourced platform.  You simply outsource your hosting worries and choose a company for the same. Depending upon your requirements, your company could choose a shared server platform, a virtual private server platform or a dedicated server in Noida for the hosting purposes. Cloud hosting is considered excellent for keeping data and information safe. It is also considered ideal for showcasing the website and making it visible to a wider audience. As compared to using physical servers for data storage, the cloud hosting concept takes your worries away and is also proven safe from natural calamities, power outages and so on. In a nutshell, it is a smart way to keep your data protected and also for hosting your website with a great deal of care.

Options that Lie in Store

The range of options that lie in store for cloud hosting include:

  • Shared Hosting: Enterprises beginning with a hosting plan can opt for a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting is a simple plan where numerous entities share a large server space and host their data. Often times, this kind of hosting can be provided for cheap or even for free. Besides, shared hosting is also easy to manage since the entire management is undertaken by the hosting service provider. However, a shared platform, unlike a dedicated server in Noida can only offer limited resources. Your requirements cannot be met if you are seeking more space. Besides, the privacy is also fairly compromised when you have a shared hosting platform for this purpose. So, if you are dealing with private and confidential information, you cannot be a part of this platform.
  • VPS Hosting: If you have outgrown a shared platform, the other option that can be considered is a virtual private server hosting plan. A virtual private server is one that has virtual compartments in a single physical server. Each compartment provides enough resources for enterprise hosting and is independent and completely secluded from others. So, in many ways, a VPS hosting plan could give the feel of hosting data in a dedicated server in Noida. However, in many ways VPS is not like plan for dedicated hosting in India. You may not get as much space or as much independence as compared to a dedicated hosting plan. However, as compared to a dedicated hosting plan, the costs are far less. So, if you do not have enough resources for a dedicated hosting plan, a VPS hosting plan should be your preferred choice.
  • Dedicated Hosting: A dedicated server in Noida is possibly the best choice you can opt for in terms of cloud hosting. Dedicated hosting simply means that a single server is dedicated for your private and personal usage. This form of hosting is also known as private hosting. Considering that dedicated hosting offers the best of benefits including customized solutions, ample space and uncompromised safety and security, the charges are pretty high. In fact, choosing a private server may not be a possibility for most small and medium sized companies. Mostly big companies with huge budgets are ideal candidates for a dedicated server hosting. In some instances, hosting your data on a dedicated server might be a necessity, like for instance in hosting in ecommerce companies.

Is Dedicated Hosting your Best Bet?

Should you pay for a dedicated server in Noida? How do you decide if a paid server is for you? We look at some pointers.

  • A virtual private server hosting plan no longer suffices for you. You need more space and flexibility.
  • You are hosting confidential data on your server. Like for instance, you have personal details of your customers like payment instrument details and private and confidential information to deal with.
  • You still have amount to spare for your hosting plan.
  • You no longer think, sharing of any public platform for hosting would suffice.
  • You need a dedicated hosting space for preserving your business identity and possibly also your brand image.
  • You have a dedicated technical team who can manage a dedicated server in Noida.

Make sure you choose your host for dedicated server in Noida, carefully. Consider planning your selection over a period of time. Research options, ask questions and check level of dedication and professionalism before selecting. Remember, a lot would depend on your choice of server host. It is important to be spot on for ensuring the best results.

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