Dedicated Server Hosting Keeps your Website Performing at its Optimum Level

Dedicated hosting refers to a type of web hosting plan where the entire server and its resources are dedicated for hosting a single website. Organizations can either rent or purchase a dedicated server to manage their high traffic websites. They can purchase and install the server in their own data centre or may opt for putting it at the service provider’s location, a service known as colocation. A dedicated server is an expensive option and is usually needed for a website that generates a large amount of traffic on daily basis, for example an ecommerce site that may receive millions of hits every day.

Dedicated server

Hosting generally falls into three categories: shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is the most affordable and an ideal hosting option for low-traffic websites. VPS hosting is a newer form of hosting that seeks to combine the affordability of shared hosting with some important features of dedicated hosting.

Organizations may opt for dedicated hosting to make sure that they do not have to share server space with anybody else. However, in most cases it becomes inevitable to shift to dedicated servers to manage high traffic websites as it beyond the capacity and capability of shared hosting to keep the website running in face of dense online traffic.

In the following paragraphs we shall look at some of the important features and benefits of dedicated hosting and find out why you shade go for a dedicated server hosting rather than shared or VPS hosting to manage your high traffic website.

Comprehensive usage of server resources

It is not uncommon to see web hosting companies making claims of offering unlimited server resources like unlimited bandwidth and storage space among other things in their hosting plans.  However, once you start hosting your website on a web server being used by hundreds or even thousands of other websites, you will start feeling the pinch once your website starts to generate significant amount of traffic. It is because of the fact that every bit of server resource is shared with other users.

You do not run the risk of facing problems of resources crunch in case of dedicated hosting.  You do not have to worry about your website facing loading problems or downtime owing to overuse of resources by other account holders. Even if you have consumed 99.99 GB of your allotted 100 GB, there will be no denigration in server performance. Therefore, comprehensive utilization of resources for optimal website performance is a noticeable advantage of dedicated hosting.

Additional level of security

There are some quality web hosting service providers who do their utmost to keep your website safe and secure even in a shared hosting environment. The World Wide Web is a risky place and the numbers of threats are quiet high. The vulnerability of your website to the threats present online increases manifold in a shared hosting environment.

Dedicated hosting on the other hand seeks to eliminate most of the security threats present online that has significant potential to negatively impact your site. Despite having to set up a server administrator if you are purchasing an unmanaged server, security level of a dedicated server is very high, as there is no one else who uses the server.

A separate and unique IP address is another distinguishing feature of dedicated server hosting.  All the websites present on a shared hosting platform have the same IP address. Search engines as such penalize all the websites present even if only one website indulges in Black Hat SEO techniques or similar other nefarious activities.  Having a unique IP address as is the case with dedicated server hosting boosts your SEO efforts and secures a better ranking for your website in results returned by search engines.

Unique IP address is also a necessity if you are running an ecommerce website or any other website that facilitates online transactions. This is important as you will need an SSL certificate particularly during sign-up or payout processes.

Extra reliability

In an immensely competitive online marketplace, your website needs to load quickly and remain accessible on 24×7 basis.  A slow loading website that suffers from frequent down-time can defeat the very purpose for which the website was created by diverting your target audience towards your competitor’s website.  Dedicated server hosting scores exceptionally high on parameters of reliability as compared to other type and form of hosting options like shared hosting or VPS hosting.   This is   primarily owing to the non-sharing behaviour of the dedicated server.

Unlike shared hosting, dedicated server hosting ensures that your server resources are exclusively for you, let it be bandwidth or disk space. Your website will never face any problems despite surge in network traffic as you do not have to share your server resources with other users.

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