Dedicated Server Hosting is more Secure, Flexible and Reliable

Businesses large or small have two major hosting options available to them to host their websites or web application: shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is the cheaper option as the client’s website is hosted along with websites of different other users on the same server.  Despite being cost effective, shared hosting setup is inflexible; clients have less control over, and it cannot cope up with dense traffic or sudden surge in network traffic usually witnessed during festive or holiday seasons.

Dedicated server hosting is an advanced form of hosting where clients purchase the whole server intended solely for their use.  A well-known and reputable dedicated server service firm can provide you with servers which can allow you to have full control over your hosting. A complete and reliable support for your dedicated hosting services will be provided by a team of expert professionals to ensure consistent performance.

In the following paragraphs we shall deal in detail with what actually dedicated server hosting is, various benefits associated with it and the importance of looking for a quality dedicated hosting firms in India for your dedicated hosting needs.

Dedicated server hosting – what is it?

Dedicated Hosting IndiaDedicated web hosting offers you the resources and capabilities of an entire server. This server is not shared with any other client ensuring full control and security. Your website performance is automatically enhanced as you are not sharing the system resources such as processor power, bandwidth, memory and disk space among other with different other users.

You therefore will enough resources at your command to ensure that dense traffic flow does not affect the performance of your website in any way. You do not run the risk of server slowing down in response to a sudden surge in traffic or getting crashed by another site on the same server.

Additionally, reliable and trustworthy dedicated server and dedicated solutions providers with their enterprise grade servers and fault management and OS patching facilities can give a tremendous boost to your business.

Some of the distinct and more important benefits of dedicated server hosing are enumerated as following:

Entire server resources at your command: When you opt for dedicated server hosting, you are assured of having the resources of the entire server at your disposal. With a dedicated server, you can breathe easy as any bad scripts running on another website or sudden rise in network traffic will have no bearing on your website’s speed and performance.

Dedicated hosting is reliable: Sharing a physical server with other users carry considerable amount of risk. This is not hard to decipher as you may not have the requisite bandwidth or processor speed to match high incoming traffic as these resources may be consumed by other users.  A VPS server also does not guarantee full safety and up-time because your website may not have access to all the resources it needs to stay online.

Shared hosting as such is most suitable for websites that attract low to medium online traffic. If your websites generate a lot of online traffic, you are better off with a dedicated server as you have all the system resources allocated to yourself thereby ensuring that your website is never denied access to the resources it needs to stay online.

Dedicated server hosting is secure: A dedicated server rates high on security factor and guarantees maximum up-time for your website. Since you are not sharing the server space with anybody else, the chances of your website being becoming a victim of some malicious content or spam is more or less negligible. Nobody has access to your server thereby efficiently eliminating any security threats or breach.

Higher levels of flexibility: Extra level of flexibility offered by dedicated server hosting is another of its major advantage. A dedicated server allows the client the flexibility of customizing the server according to their own specific needs and requirements. Organizations can tailor their storage space, RAM, CPU, software and applications among other things to answer effectively to their hosting needs.

This flexibility is severely found wanting in case of shared hosting wherein the clients have little or no say in matters of operating system, software, storage space, bandwidth and related applications.  In case of dedicated servers organizations have more control and options over how their dedicated server is configured.

Unique IP Address

Every single server is assigned its own unique IP address through which it is identified.  In case of shared hosting a single physical server hosts multiple websites. This means that all the websites residing on that server will have the same IP address.  It can have far reaching consequences for your website as you may be penalized by search engines for any other rogue website present on the same server.

With dedicated server hosting, you have your own unique IP address. You do not have to deal with the consequences of what other websites are doing. The matter assumes added significance in case of e-commerce websites that require an SSL certificate for online transactions.

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